Elaborate Display of Haunted Humor Appears

Eric J. Kos

Elaborate Display of Haunted Humor Appears

The family known for creating the hilarious and somewhat exhaustive send up of former presidents’, their inner circles’, and associated political figures’ transgressions for the past five Halloweens has chosen a decidedly less controversial topic for this year's display: Haunted Broadway. The combination of theater and Halloween puns will be pretty irresistible for all the dad jokesters and everyone who likes a good laugh. Here is a sample of what's on display. Enjoy the full display in person at San Antonio Avenue and Union Street.


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So the parkway is public property. It allows people to get out of their car safely. Especially important for the handicapped or elderly. Get this off and onto your lawn.

Cat R
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Perhaps the complaining lady can ride her broom instead of her car.