Eight Quarantined Firefighters to Return

Eight Quarantined Firefighters to Return

Six of the eight Alameda firefighters that were under a quarantine mandate by Alameda County Public Health Department officials have been cleared to return to duty today, Wednesday, March 18. City officials believe the remaining two firefighters will be cleared to return to duty within one week. 

The decision to quarantine, test and clear the eight firefighters were done by county health officials, not Alameda city officials. 

The firefighters were asked to stay in isolation after being identified as having possible exposure to one Alameda firefighter who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The city has assured residents that all Alameda fire stations have been fully staffed and remain ready and able to serve with no change to their response time. 

“I am incredibly grateful to our first responders who continue to provide the same level of service in these difficult times, with an unyielding commitment to the health and safety of our community,” stated Alameda City Manager Eric Levitt in a city press release.  

The initial Alameda firefighter who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus remains in isolation. The firefighter's identity is being withheld. The duration of the individual's quarantine, where the individual is being quarantined and the individual's health status is also being withheld. 

The number of individuals in Alameda County with the COVID-19 virus continues to rise. According to the Alameda County Public Health Department, 27 people in the county have contracted COVID-19, or coronavirus, as of Tuesday, March 17. There were only three known cases as of Tuesday, March 10. So far, no deaths caused by COVID-19 have been reported in Alameda County. A shelter-in-place order has been put into affect in Alamed County.

To read the city's coronavirus updates, visit https://www.alamedaca.gov/RESIDENTS/ALERTS.



Did any reporter ask if they've been tested? What were the results? "Cleared for duty" isn't very clear.

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I'm glad that our firefighters are returning to duty after being duly screened and cleared. Unlike some people, I trust local health officials -- including physicians at local facilities -- to make the right medical decisions for our public health. (I wish I could say that I trust the information coming from the White House equally well. Unfortunately, the POTUS seems to be taking his cues from political advisors, hoaxers, and Faux News, rather from the CDC epidemiologists whom he has muzzled for the past weeks.)