After 19 years of business the Alameda Sun has reached a crossroads in history. The Sun cannot, in good conscience, continue to deliver unsolicited copies of the newspaper, given the current pandemic. Starting March 26, the Sun will no longer circulate free copies door-to-door in Alameda. Keep in mind of all of our content is still fully accessible for free at www.alamedasun.com. 

Alameda stands out as a community that cares for its neighbors and for the most vulnerable among us. In April 2019, Alameda residents demonstrated their compassion by voting decisively to affirm the City Council’s zoning change and the development of the Alameda Wellness Center. 

The main justification of those wishing to build additional housing has been that California’s population is growing by leaps and bounds, and we need housing for all these new people. Recently, I saw some postings on the Internet that refuted this claim. Curious, I did some research. This is what I learned:

Most high school seniors headed for college will soon be receiving financial aid award letters. Seniors and their parents should read those letters carefully, according to the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Association (KHEAA).

The letter will usually show the total cost of attendance for one year, including tuition, fees, room, meals, books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses.

Peralta Colleges move spring break in response to virus

At an emergency meeting on March 11, the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees  (PCCD) voted to approve changes to its academic calendar. Spring break, originally scheduled for the week of April 13, has been moved to this week. The changes, made with support of the Peralta Federation of Teachers, are a response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) intended to increase social distancing and better protect our community.