It’s hard to believe that it’s already August — the summer has flown by. I hope that all our West Alameda Business Association (WABA) members, West End champions, sponsors and volunteers have had a fantastic summer thus far.

Sometimes I get asked what we do at WABA. I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that WABA is here to advocate for all its member businesses on the West End.

WABA is here to help support all of their efforts so please, local businesses, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a fun event, special offer or business news to share.

It’s August. The weather is warm and the kids are playing in the pool. So that makes this the perfect time to think about the fall garden, right? Right! In order to take advantage of the long growing season in Alameda, this is the time to plant seeds either directly in the garden or in flats for September transplant to ensure harvests late into the fall.

Message from the Executive Director 
Community festivals are meant to bring everyone together to celebrate traditions, cultures and friendship. It is simply unimaginable what the city of Gilroy is going through after the senseless shooting on July 28 during their premiere event that coincided with our Island’s own Art & Wine Faire. This heinous crime attempted to undermine the efforts of thousands of volunteers, dedicated staffers and proud residents. 

Part Two
This past spring, the Haight Renaming Committee invited Alameda Unified School District students to write essays and letters sharing their thoughts about renaming Haight Elementary School. “Should Haight School be renamed? Why or why not?” For the youngest winners, see part one of this story in last week’s edition. All writers are students at Lincoln Middle School unless otherwise noted.

Local canine explores Island City

Alameda is a great town to walk in. In some ways, Alameda is hound heaven. My name is Rudy and I have to take my old man for at least two walks a day. Need to get the old guy moving to keep the kibble flowing.

I am a canine low rider. Being blessed with great hearing, smell and keen eyesight, I believe, I catch things about our town that our two-legged residents miss so I thought I would share my ground’s-eye view of our Island City.