I’ve been thinking about extinction recently, my own in the foreseeable future and that of the species with whom we share the Earth. Personal extinction is the natural end to life and so is the extinction of a species. The dinosaurs are gone but life rolls on unabated. Evolution adapts species (not individuals) to changing circumstances and when those circumstances change again many species cannot adapt and go extinct.


On Jan. 17, 1957, I left Underwater Demolition Team 12, in Coronado, Calif., and two days later arrived in Alameda. I have heard and learned, through experience, the meaning of the phrase, “Only in Alameda.”

Powdery mildew may well win the race for “most common problem in Alameda food gardens.”  Here’s what happens. 

A lot is happening on the West End this summer, so please mark your calendars now!
Rotary Club of Alameda kicked off the 2018 Concerts at the Cove last Friday. Two more concerts are scheduled from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on the second Fridays in July and August. Hundreds of visitors walked or biked to Crab Cove Visitors Center to enjoy the free family-friendly concert featuring one of the Bay Area’s best bands. 

Last week the Alameda Sun published an “expert” commentary by Paula Rainey (“All Things Israel,” May 31). Setting aside the fact that whether or not Israel is part of our heritage should be up to us, the Jewish people, to determine the fact that Rainey took the occasion of the Jewish Heritage month to dump on the Jewish state is telling.