Pine-scented Lysol is very likely to corrode your ilocecal valves and is particularly tough on the first 30 feet of the duodenum, to say nothing of the irritating discomfort.

Life is always full of pluses and minuses. On the plus side our streets are cleaner. On the minus side I haven’t seen a partially eaten burrito in weeks! You can no longer count on an evening’s stroll to find fast-food containers with fries or burger remnants sitting by the wayside. This virus is really taking a toll on my secret pleasures.

At a meeting set for today, Thursday, May 14, City Manager, Eric Levitt, will be seeking direction from the Mayor’s Economic Development Advisory Panel on the creation of a COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force. The proposed goal is to create a short- to mid-term plan to bolster economic recovery in Alameda as public health requirements shift and businesses start to reopen under a “new normal.”

In a time of food insecurity, what could be more inviting than a tree covered in fruit? Then again, sometimes the gods can be too kind. Overly generous fruit loads have a way of breaking branches and yielding small, poor-quality fruit if not managed in a timely manner. 

When most families depended on their own gardens to supply the kitchen season-by-season, everybody understood the paradoxical nature of ridding the tree of a sizable amount of its developing fruit in order to get a decent harvest. This might seem an absurdity to today’s hands-off consumer! 

Grassroots opposition forming to stop them