It has been painful to listen to people who should know better opine about the causes of the terrible fires and loss of life in Paradise, Calif. Too many trees. Too much brush and litter. Too much or not enough logging. Unique weather event. I listened to similar stories after the Oakland hills fire of 1991, Malibu in 1993 and Santa Rosa in 2017, where a high school friend lost her home.

As a Coast Guard military family, it is difficult to find a place we truly call home. My family and I uprooted our lives seven times in the past 15 years. 


Three new members officially started their terms on the Downtown Alameda Business Association (DABA) 2019 Board of Directors in January. Otto Wright, Eric Olney and Joe LoParo were elected by the membership at October’s annual meeting and join existing board members who were re-elected or are completing a second year of their terms.


What a mess! City staff made a mistake by not telling the City Council that the amendments to the marijuana (cannabis) ordinance under consideration had not been properly noticed to the public. Instead of admitting and fixing the mistake, staff kept making matters worse. They have essentially delegitimized the votes of both the new City Council and the Open Government Commission.


The Board of Education is made up of elected community members. Some candidates for these offices are backed politically and financially as well as by special interest groups. Once elected, they become part of an elected team that serves to improve the quality of education in Alameda. 

Each newly elected member comes with a particular skill set. Board members with a variety of skill sets, dedicated to serve, can become a cohesive and effective team. Success of a board is not the strength of one, in a particular area, but the strength of five working together as a team.