I am no longer a spring chicken, as you may know, and one of the unwelcome discoveries of aging is a loss of energy, both physical and psychological. At the end of life we are on a downward spiral, and it starts to seem easier to let things go, beg off engagements, stop going out and indeed, begin to wait around for the inevitable.

Veterans Day is always an ideal time to reflect on the incredible sacrifices our military veterans have made in service to our country. For me, that means honoring two veterans I am proud to have known since August, from co-teaching an eight-week fall-prevention class at Mastick Senior Center.  

On Nov. 2, I notified the Alameda City Attorney and City Manager of my perspective that the audio recording of the conversation between me, former City Manager Jill Keimach, and Councilmember Malia Vella should be released. 

It is illegal in California to tape private conversations without the knowledge and permission of all parties. The former City Manager violated these ethics and was investigated for doing so. 

This Halloween, many of us doddering, old codgers (a.k.a. “vibrant, active seniors”) are breaking the bank and renting a service zombie as a safety precaution for our infrequent attempts at independent ambulation.

Service zombies are a product of the same late-stage capitalism that brought us the gig economy: creating a scheme to monetize virtually anything, then exploiting it for profit. Accordingly, service zombie providers figured out a new way to monetize death, by harnessing the feeding instincts of the living dead.

Local pooch enlists his owner to write to Alameda Sun

I have asked my human to write this as my paws just don’t work on keyboards. My name is Rudy and Alameda is my kind of town. So many interesting places to sniff, lots of friendly people, squirrels to hunt (someday I will catch one), and fellow canines.

On our daily walks my old man sometimes gets scared and ends up using short words. When we cross streets with the lines on the corners, sometimes even with flashing lights, he seems to think people in cars are going to stop.