Kristen Smeal &nbsp&nbsp Companion plants thrive in St. Philip Neri garden.

Companion Planting: Good Neighbors/Bad Neighbors

Jul 09,2020

Just like humans, plants have friends and foes and can thrive or fail when planted in close proximity to one another. By definition, planting one or more types of plants together in a beneficial relationship is called companion planting.

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Tomorrow Will Echo in Eternity

Jul 02,2020

In 1955 the era of the polio epidemic and the Cold War was heating up. Civil rights and entanglement in Vietnam were percolating and the invasion of Cuba was on the horizon.  Malcom X, Medgar Evers, and Martin Luther King Jr.

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Alameda: Infrastructure a Priority

Jun 25,2020

Alameda is a special place, as was clear soon after I joined the City’s Public Works Department back in 2012. Eight years later, as I transition to a neighboring city, the specialness of Alameda is all the more clear. 

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