The long-standing debate over the City Charter provision banning multi-family housing (Measure A) has re-emerged in the context of City Council’s year-long study of Charter revision. This could result in a November 2020 ballot measure to repeal Measure A. Proponents of repeal paint Measure A as a primary reason for the affordable housing shortage, while Measure A supporters see it as a hedge against over development of the Island. 

Drop by the Island City’s West End this year to discover that special something for that special somone. Webster Street has much to offer when it comes to finding those “off the beaten track” gifts family and friends haven’t yet seen. For example:

I am no longer a spring chicken, as you may know, and one of the unwelcome discoveries of aging is a loss of energy, both physical and psychological. At the end of life we are on a downward spiral, and it starts to seem easier to let things go, beg off engagements, stop going out and indeed, begin to wait around for the inevitable.

Veterans Day is always an ideal time to reflect on the incredible sacrifices our military veterans have made in service to our country. For me, that means honoring two veterans I am proud to have known since August, from co-teaching an eight-week fall-prevention class at Mastick Senior Center.  

With great sadness I announced last week that the Carnegie Innovation Hall team will halt efforts to revitalize Alameda’s Carnegie Library, until this or a future city government can truly help make this project happen. This is not a decision my team has come to lightly. Rather, over the past six weeks, it has become painfully clear that we are missing the most critical element of the project: a city government that fully supports and values what we intend to bring to the community.