Edwina Phillips — also known as “Rock & Roll” and Roxanne Cai — wears both a cape and an apron at Webster Street’s new sweet spot — Superhero Desserts. In 2011 Edwina and her husband Mark — also known as “NightBug” — launched the San Francisco chapter of the Initiative. Dedicated to going out and doing good for the community, The Initiative is a grass-roots group effort run entirely by volunteers. The group organizes: community patrols, homeless outreach events, needle cleanups and self-defense classes. 

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Part one of this article (“Unpleasant News on Local Bird Population,” Nov. 21) explored challenges facing local bird species in the face of rising global temperatures. This week’s article explores what people can do help reverse declining bird populations.

From SHOP LATE THURSDAYS to the popular HOT COCOA CRAWL, downtown merchants have plenty to offer for a festive holiday shopping experience.

Let the merchants in Downtown Alameda help with unique gifts, jewelry, clothing, toys, books or personalized services. The local merchants have several ways to make it easier for shoppers to start crossing items off the list:

Has a bicyclist ever terrorized you on the sidewalk, coming from behind, fast, and close or coming at you with an intent to drive you out of the rider’s way? Or should I ask how many times?

I walk to the 7:46 a.m. ferry four times a week. The last block of Main Street sidewalk, between Singleton Avenue and the crosswalk to the Main Street Ferry Terminal parking lot is a treacherous stretch for pedestrians because of fast-moving, inconsiderate bicycle riders.

Given that Medicare can seem like a confusing web of options, it’s no wonder that many consumers rely on licensed professionals for help. In fact, according to a recent study, nearly 20 percent of Medicare seniors worked with a licensed professional last year.

Licensed professionals, also referred to as insurance agents or brokers, undergo hours of training and are required to pass licensing and carrier exams so they have deep knowledge and expertise on Medicare plans.