It’s August. The weather is warm and the kids are playing in the pool. So that makes this the perfect time to think about the fall garden, right? Right! In order to take advantage of the long growing season in Alameda, this is the time to plant seeds either directly in the garden or in flats for September transplant to ensure harvests late into the fall.

Message from the Executive Director 
Community festivals are meant to bring everyone together to celebrate traditions, cultures and friendship. It is simply unimaginable what the city of Gilroy is going through after the senseless shooting on July 28 during their premiere event that coincided with our Island’s own Art & Wine Faire. This heinous crime attempted to undermine the efforts of thousands of volunteers, dedicated staffers and proud residents. 

Our language matters. And so do our actions. Though what can we do in this current climate reality of extreme heat, year-round wildfires, smoke emergencies and floods that require bringing the whole community together to take on these challenges?

As Mark Twain once opined in The Territorial Enterprise of Virginia City, “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.” The dichotomy Twain presents leaves out a third and fourth option: confusion and more confusion. 

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has given us a dire warning: Our democratic election system has been, and continues to be, hacked and compromised by the Russian  police and intelligence agency, KGB. We face a national political crisis above and beyond the party-line food fight in Washington, D.C.