The last two weeks, I have heard many people tell me they have stopped watching the news. They say they feel overwhelmed, scared, depressed and helpless. I have asserted for many months that I believed the political agenda is affecting people more than they are aware. 

Though colorectal cancer cases have been steadily decreasing for the past two decades, it remains the third-most-common cancer in both men and women — with 90 percent of cases in people age 50 or older. 

Letter writers abuse Sun’s policies

On Dec. 4, I will celebrate my 25th anniversary in the newspaper business. My career has been an interesting one. One aspect of my job often bothered me, however. I often watched in dismay as editors read letters they received and laughed at most of them. They sometimes posted them for further derision or scorn. Most of the editors would throw the letters into the trash can or delete them. The “victims” in this charade would call or stop by to ask about their letters and staff would simply lie to them. 

First day of school is nearly here, but with the time left this summer families can still enjoy some summer fun on the Island. A number of family activities can be found right here in Downtown Alameda.

Family Summer Movies
Alameda Theatre & Cineplex, 2317 Central Ave. (alamedatheatres.com) Kids love going to the movies. Kid-friendly movies showing at the Alameda Theatre & Cineplex this week include Christopher Robin and Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.


Climate change may be the greatest catastrophe to ever threaten humans. Already there are record-high temperatures, heat waves, severe storms, sea level rise, droughts, crop failures and the spread of temperature related diseases.

It is changing at an increasing rate. Estimates are that, at current rate, it might take 400 years to eliminate the sources of greenhouse gases. We do not have 400 years. We may not have even 40 years to do what is necessary to save our grandchildren.