Alameda’s Altarena Playhouse has boldly chosen Steve Martin’s cerebral comedy: Picasso at the Lapin Agile as its next performance. While much of what passes for comedy today rarely — or barely — rises above the slough of political parody, social satire, bedroom farce or the scatological and scortatory, Lapin clears a higher bar. 

Most of the 50 or so Island residents who attended the recent League of Women Voters of Alameda’s forum on relieving the housing crisis weren’t surprised to learn that high costs are keeping more affordable homes from being built. The surprise was that relief from some of those financial barriers is within our reach. 

The City Council must act on De-Pave and Northwest Territories Parks with a sense of urgency. Acting on both follows policy set in the city’s recently approved Climate Action Plan and the worsening climate crisis demand launching work on these parks now.

Unfortunately, the city’s track record is not good as it’s been more than a year since negotiations with East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) started on turning the 147 acres in the north west corner of Alameda Point into a regional park. The same goes for “De-Pave Park”. 

It’s been about a year since I stopped serious ambling around town on foot. The combination of advancing age and the feeling that “it’s okay to slow down, not to fight, to just let it happen,” gave me permission to allow desuetude to take hold. I’m lazy so I did not object and let nature take its course.

Then something changed. I’m not sure what it was, but a week ago while falling asleep I heard my inner voice saying, “You need to start walking again.” As I drifted off I thought, “Well, we’ll see if I am motivated in the morning when everything looks different.”

A new marketplace will open for one day at the Hangar 1 Distillery, 2505 Monarch St., on Alameda Point. Called “Head West” the distillery plays host to a blend of makers, crafters, designers, small brands, local shops, creative installation artists, speciality service providers and local charities displaying their wares and services.

Head West founder and curator Jimmy Brower also owns West Perro — a desert-inspired lifestyle brand based in Oakland.