Rudy, your roving canine reporter here, filing my occasional report.

Publishers and Staff of the Alameda Sun would like to thank our family of advertisers, subscribers and donors for keeping the Sun shining.

It’s not like that isn’t how it always was, Alameda, this paper is made possible by you, the people of Alameda. Indeed, I may be one of you, I coordinate this paper every week, but without your support, I couldn’t do so. My staff works hard to get things right for this community. We try to share our pages with as many Alamedans as we can.

Susan Fitzgerald and her husband George are longtime supporters of the Alameda Sun and recently made a record-breaking donation. When the Sun first opened its doors in 2001, Susan, a local family law and tax attorney, signed the paper’s second annual contract encouraging Sun staff in the early days. She and George have had the Sun’s back ever since, for 19 years and counting. Another cool thing about Susan: she is a former race car driver — a female pioneer in the sport.

Roving West End reporter checking in with my latest updates on eating and drinking in the Webster Street area. First off, after weeks of making COVID-19 modifications, Spritzers Coffee House on Central Avenue has reopened.

Local art remains on the walls where tables and chairs are “taped off,” but they’re still making good coffee, and have snacks for pick up. If life ever returns to “normal” I suggest ordering their vegetarian quiche.

The pressures in this pandemic and misinformation from a spiteful administration has brought out the worst in some people with increased acts of hate against our Asian community members. The day I wrote this a violent hate crime happened at a local grocery store. 

An angered and deranged White man verbally and physically attacked an elderly couple who were in their car. The elderly Asian couple was in their 70s. The angry man verbally abused them and punched the elderly man in the face. The altercation was witnessed and reported to me by a local resident.