You Are School

Aug 13,2020

The season to return to school is near,
A time of woe for some, for others cheer,
Tradition was you’d fill your backpack full,
With paper, pens and all the learning tools,

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As Perplexing as the Loch Ness Monster

Aug 06,2020

For me, the nebulous expression “affordable housing” has always been a mystery or an enigma; right up there with professional wrestling, Area 51 and the Loch Ness Monster.

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File photo &nbsp&nbsp Julia Morgan and Ira Hoover designed this Tudor Revival-style home for George and Lucy Walker in 1909. This is just one of seven homes that Morgan designed in Alameda.

Julia Morgan in Alameda

Jul 30,2020

Part one of two

French eyebrows raised, tongues clicked and wagged. That woman was back. Dozens upon dozens of male professors and their students had wondered if she had learned her lesson — apparently she had not.

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What’s Happening on the West End?

Jul 30,2020

As the owner and master stylist of Hair Tech Salon on Webster street, I, Katie Andersen, am looking forward to and preparing for, the future of our beloved beauty industry.

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