Open letter to Council decries no-cause eviction ban

To Mayor and Councilmembers:
As a small income-property owner and long-term Realtor in Alameda, I heartily object to the Council’s May 21 vote to eliminate the no-cause provision in Ordinance 3148. The small number of true no-cause evictions since Ordinance 3148 went into effect does not warrant this change. 

I’ve been a father for more than 30 years and have a closet full of neckties to prove it. For years, fathers all over the world have been showered with gifts such as neckties, handkerchiefs and socks from their well-meaning wives and children on the third Sunday of every June. After all, you wouldn’t give him a Mother’s Day gift like flowers or perfume. So the problem of what to give Dad to show our appreciation was solved, time and time again, with neckties which I think we can all agree, has become somewhat of a cliché. 

Should developers be required to provide space and other necessities for community gardens in new projects? That is a question for cities to consider as neighborhoods of single-family residences give way to multi-family housing.  

On behalf of our board of directors, I am pleased to report that, thanks to the work of our members and community supporters, the Downtown Alameda Business Association is financially sound and poised for solid improvement and growth.

We continue to see significant increases, not only in our financial position, but also in our merchant participation. Our membership is engaged in every aspect of our association and its goals. They participate in our popular events and activities, join our committees, work as block captains and collaborate on important projects.

To think that by 2021, Encinal High School (EHS) will have new and improved fire alarms, public address system and — hold on to your Barcaloungers — new door locks. Talk about thinking outside the box — I simply swoon. 

Let this remind us that not all progress in California takes place in Silicon Valley. Prior to the legalization of marijuana, could any educational planners have dreamed up such a futuristic master plan for EHS?