‘Opportunity assets’ are not just about creating buildings

The city and its consultant recently released a report outlining what will be included in the new climate-action plan for Alameda. What it reveals, unfortunately, is their resistance to thinking big. The process for updating Alameda’s climate-action plan began as a promising effort for a comprehensive look at what it means to adapt our entire environment to climate change. It is winding up with a narrow focus on protecting local real estate, which the plan refers to as “vulnerable assets.” 

It’s chili season in Alameda, inspired by the 2019 20th annual Kiwanis Chili Cookoff, taking place this Saturday, Jan. 26, at the Al Dewitt O’Club on Alameda Point. It’s the event where Alameda’s finest chefs compete for the title of best chili in various categories.


The second annual Alameda Restaurant Week returns to the island as part of the California Restaurant Month campaign to promote California’s culinary experiences. This year more than 40 restaurants throughout the Island are taking part, with dozens of eateries located conveniently in Downtown Alameda. 

From Thursday, Jan. 17 to Sunday, Jan. 27, diners will support Alameda’s dining scene while having fun visiting local restaurants.

The new year started with a bang at city hall.

On Jan. 2, the City Council in a 4-1 vote decided to put a competing measure on the ballot that challenges the McKay Avenue Open Space initiative previously qualified by residents wanting to zone 3.65 acres of federal property near Crab Cove as open space. The Council also decided to hold a special election on both measures in April, which will cost taxpayers between $580,000 and $730,000. Waiting for the November 2020 general election would have cost just $25,000.


Well, it’s finally winter in Alameda. Such as it is. The winds blow, the rains fall and the daytime and evening temperatures drop into the 50s! My relatives and friends back on the East Coast are snickering, and well they might, but those who have to deal with sub-zero temps can’t appreciate the mild middle climate that we live in. Fair enough, too many people trying to move to California as it is.