Measures A and B present us with a choice between two uses of the federal surplus property situated on McKay Street. Both uses have civic-minded supporters who will be presenting us with the positives of their position.

Measure A offers us a wellness center for the homeless that will include 90 senior assisted-living permanent housing studio units, a 50-bed medical respite unit, a medical clinic to serve both populations and a drop-in resource center for at-risk City of Alameda residents. 


The Beacon Business Bank Speakers Series kicks off the spring season today, Thursday, March 21, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. with two local experts speaking on topics of interest to business owners. 

First, CPA Lars Hansson will speak on “Tax laws of 2019 and the Impacts on Businesses” 

Hansson has worked for more than 30 years providing dedicated service to his clients located throughout the Bay Area. His expertise is in business income tax preparation, tax planning, trust planning, estate preparation and planning processes. 

Every year in March, scientists, researchers and medical professionals from around the country meet at the Annual Review of Geriatric Medicine, hosted by Harvard Medical School. They share the latest guidelines and advancements in the specialized care of elderly patients.

The clinical team at Calyx Health — a doctor’s office exclusively for Medicare seniors — attends this conference each year with the intention of implementing these findings at its seniors-focused primary-care clinic in Alameda.  


Most people live very active lives, including work, taking care of children, providing transportation, attending meetings, housekeeping, helping friends and relatives, shopping, exercising, cooking, arranging for extracurricular activities and more. There is time on the phone and computer, the need to check mail and pay bills. Perhaps a haircut or manicure is required. People take time to play in, or attend, sporting events or socialize with friends and family. 


Recent letters to the editor have raised questions about the Alameda Sun’s policies regarding the opinion page. The Sun recently edited a letter. The writer emailed the Sun demanding that we run her original letter unedited in its entirety along with a second letter she submitted. 

She told the Sun that if both letters didn’t run exactly the way she wrote them, she would report the paper to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for violating her rights. She followed her written demands with a phone call.