I can’t sing on tune, I don’t play any musical instruments, and my musical education has been, at best, spotty. And yet, like billions of others, I love music — especially music that makes me want to rock, dance and wave my arms about. I think music is, arguably, as important a development of humanity as any other invention of man and woman. Music unites us as no other medium of expression and music expresses the most basic emotions of life as does no other art form.

The 2nd Friday Artwalks are hosted by an ad-hoc group of galleries and businesses in the Alameda-Oakland Jingletown arts districts. The event is promoted by the City of Alameda, Downtown Alameda Business Association, West Alameda Business Association and the West End Arts and Entertainment District. Visit Webster Street for this month’s 2nd Friday ArtWalk tomorrow, Friday, July 12.

Because Alameda has a summer-dry climate, the vast majority of plants grown here need extra water during the non-rainy months in order to survive. Even drought-tolerant plants like succulents likely need irrigation for their first summer or two. But when, how, how much and how often to water? Different plants have different needs, but there are some common rules. 

The Alameda Hostesses, a secretive far-right-wing political action group that allegedly conceal their covert activities by posing as cookbook authors, have been ominously quiet since the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump to the U.S. presidency. A recently released “Independence Day 2019 Newsletter” broke the silence, and divulged that the Hostesses are active locally in contributing to the success of a national leader who shares their philosophy of materialism expressed in unfettered capitalism, indifference to others and egotism. 

One of the shorebirds seen in small numbers throughout the year along the Alameda shoreline, black oystercatchers, have all-black bodies, bright yellow eyes with red circles around them, a bright orange-red bill and pink legs. Males and females have the same coloring.