Dear Assemblymember Bonta:
I am writing today to share with you the anticipated impact of Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) on Rhythmix Cultural Works (RCW), a 501c3 nonprofit based in Alameda. 

I am concerned about the vague wording of Bill AB5 which leaves our organization in limbo regarding how to handle the payment of performing artists, production crews and other contractors that RCW hires on an ad-hoc basis to provide cultural arts programming and youth arts education opportunities to the East Bay community. 

A Magickal Little Night Market, set for tomorrow night from 6 to 9 p.m., is a collaboration between Feathered Outlaw, local vendors and artisans featuring mystical wares to enhance Alameda’s West End Arts District. The Webster Street-based market began in October 2019, and has thrived each month, enhancing the 1500 block’s foot traffic by several hundred each evening.

Alamedans elected a progressive and social justice-oriented majority on the City Council in 2018. It was an achievement for a city that calls itself the city of “homes and beaches,” a slogan that probably originated with the business and real estate interests. For decades, this slogan seemed to suit our idyllic town, and many people, but not all, benefited from this perspective.

The annual Kiwanis Chili Cook Off, happening this Saturday, Jan. 25, at 6 p.m. at the Albert H. DeWitt Officers Club, always evokes fond chili memories, like the following.

In the 1970s, if you had pulled off fog-blanketed Highway 99 to spend a cold January afternoon at June’s Glorified Eats truck stop, you might have heard a conversation like this.

“Boy howdy, June-bug, it’s right nippy out there! Been a long time!  How ya’ll?”

“Cain’t complain, Red! Get your big tush in here and warm yourself up! Where ya headed?”

Some of the humans who read my column may not realize we live on an island. Surrounded by water, opportunities abound for a local canine like myself. Alameda’s numerous waterfront trails intrigue the old guy who walks with me and provide me plenty of interest — and occasionally swimming! I love splashing and slurping in puddles. This does not include baths. What is it with humans washing out my carefully collected odors?