For Roseanne Smith, interest in photography began at age 12 when her aunt gave her a Kodak Brownie camera. Now, at age 72 and retired, she carries a camera everywhere she goes. 

“I didn’t have much time for photography when I was working and raising a family. But I always knew it would be a big part of my life when I retired,” Smith said.

Some degree of depression has always been characteristic of adolescence. However, it has been affecting many young people more severely lately. Suicide attempts have increased. Many keep their feelings hidden, and this has caused many parents concern. 

Because of the biochemical changes and stress on teenagers, depression typically affects those between 12 and 18 years of age. As their bodies change quickly, academic and social pressures increase at the same time. 

There’s always something happening in Downtown Alameda during the 2nd Friday ArtWalks: artist receptions, live music and dancing or shopping and dining. And now the 2nd Friday ArtWalk Shuttle makes it even easier to experience a fun-filled evening. 

As reported in the Alameda Sun, (“Music Programs Receive Reprieve,” June 6) the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) “School Board of Education voted unanimously to maintain the music program at Encinal Junior & Senior High School (EJSHS).” After losing a well-fought battle to drastically curtail the highly successful EJSHS music program, one administrator graciously offered to “conduct further study to measure the student body’s interest” in music.

I can’t sing on tune, I don’t play any musical instruments, and my musical education has been, at best, spotty. And yet, like billions of others, I love music — especially music that makes me want to rock, dance and wave my arms about. I think music is, arguably, as important a development of humanity as any other invention of man and woman. Music unites us as no other medium of expression and music expresses the most basic emotions of life as does no other art form.