We have a crisis in this state, actually in many places in this country. There isn’t enough housing. It’s pretty simple, two people have two children and then those children have two children. That, over time, makes for a lot of people. Many people want to live in the Bay Area because it has few faults. Mostly it is awesome. The weather is great, people are diverse and interesting, there is a lot to do and ways to expand your world that most places don’t have.

Dear Alameda families:
I sincerely hope that the opening of school and first week of classes went well for all our students and their parents or guardians. Facilitating positive educational experiences for students is a multifaceted and often underappreciated task. I have been struck already by the deep commitment I have seen from our educators during both summer meetings and visits to classes all this first week.

Page 6 of the Aug. 15 edition of the Alameda Sun was especially thought-provoking, featuring poignant commentary on mass shootings and the fact that ideological commentary has replaced journalism as people’s main source of information: two issues that have already done irreparable harm to the political and social fabric of our nation. 

The Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) presentation on solar panels held Aug. 13 was informative. The beginning was for clients who want to put up solar panels, detailing benefits and pitfalls. The most interesting information was toward the end, about how AMP must now cope with all the panels already put up.

Labor Day doesn’t have to mean an elaborate getaway out of town. Spend the day outside with the family and enjoy the close of summer. The perfect ending to any outdoor excursion is a stop for ice cream at Cookie Bar on Webster Street.