This past summer, 17 students from St. Joseph Notre Dame High School (SJND) traveled to Imperial Beach, just north of the border between the United States and Mexico, for an exercise in service leadership. As participants in the Sierra Service Project (SSP), students had the opportunity to work on home-improvement projects for selected members of the community who could not afford to undertake these projects without assistance from SSP. 


The public is invited to an evening of salve and ointment making tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 31, from 7 to 9 p.m. Hosted by Herbal-Gypsy Bath & Body and Feathered Outlaw. The boutique’s monthly make-and-take events are hosted by Melissa Rivers, the mastermind behind Herbal Gypsy Bath & Body products. 

Each event is unique. For $25 (per event) attendees receive the ingredients, skills and one-on-one coaching to design their own custom scents and body product blends in the workshop. Snacks and beverages are also included.  


For many of us ancient Baby Boomers, Labor Day is simply another wistful milestone on the grisly journey to Geezerville. Lamentably, on this Labor Day, some of us are too old and infirm to work. Lots of us have seen our once-lucrative job skills rendered obsolete by technology.

As the late, great Alameda pundit Dennis Green often said, “Geezerville ain’t for sissies!”

Attractive building façades (or storefronts) support and encourage local businesses. They can have a significant effect on the attractiveness and marketability of the surrounding area. To encourage business owners to reinvest in the downtown and neighborhood business areas, the City of Alameda offers 50/50 matching grants to assist them in restoring or beautifying their façades.

Each business owner or property owner makes a commitment to finance 50 percent of the cost of improvements. Improvements can include:  


Democracy is not a noun, not a thing to be found “out there,” somewhere. Democracy is an action verb whose spirit and agency is found in the heart of each of us.

We are re-evaluating what democracy now means, and as we fight for its return, we must be that democracy we wish to see. “If you’ve ever wondered what you would have done in 1930s Germany or during the civil rights movement, you’re doing it now.”