I am fortunate serve as the Mayor of a compassionate, caring city. Alamedans look out for others, even those we don’t know, as shown by the outpouring of assistance for Coast Guard personnel and families during the federal government shutdown, then enthusiastic support for the warming shelter at Christ Episcopal Church, volunteers who deliver Meals on Wheels and serve at the Alameda Food Bank, and the community-wide effort to save our animal shelter.


With more Millennial parents choosing to live a minimal lifestyle, the tidying-up trend is giving people a gentle nudge to organize their personal spaces or clean up their houses. The theme behind the hip, tidying trend is that by making changes in living spaces, people create a sense of accomplishment and establish momentum to take charge in other areas of their lives. Additionally, once belongings are scaled back, people can reclaim some of the time wasted on running around, cleaning up. 

While navigating today’s busy society, everyone is looking for tips and tricks to stay on top of their game, maintain their cognitive sharpness, biohack their mental capacity and age gracefully without losing their minds. I often get questions like: “What are some ways students can enhance their chances to pass a test?”, “How can employees keep their brains sharp throughout the day?” or “How might a retiree prevent crossing the precipice into mental decline?” Following are six ways I share to preserve people’s brain strength and endurance. 

As I watched my peers have dialogue with representatives from the Measure B campaign at the Alameda Climate Strike last Friday, March 15, I realized something. These young people saw through all of the arguments of the campaign and straight to the core: that this had little to do with saving parks and was truly about not wanting people different from us to disrupt our space or our sense of normal.


The Alameda All Faiths Coalition is an interfaith organization whose mission is to build greater communication and understanding among people of various faith traditions and to foster safety, inclusion and compassion for all Alamedans. 

In light of our stated mission, we strongly support the passage of Measure A, which will allow a highly respected non-profit in our community, the Alameda Point Collaborative, to continue with its plans to build the wellness center.