Just after one of those intermittent showers I was walking across the parking lot at our Health Club. A few steps ahead of me a young woman was walking and apparently talking into the air, saying “See, there’s a rainbow. See?”

There are so many events and activities coming up this month on the West End that you can fill your calendar with many ways to “Explore West Alameda.”

At the last West Alameda Business Association (WABA) board of directors’ meeting on March 21, several visitors, including Rosalind Fortuna from Fortuna Realty, joined the discussion. 


Kids and their families are invited to take part in a Downtown Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 31, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bring a basket and hunt for colorful eggs in the windows and doors of local businesses. With more than 30 downtown businesses participating, kids will have an opportunity to gather a basketful of treats. 


Alameda must face its history and rid itself of white supremacist symbols in public spaces. Unfortunately, the Alameda Sun editorial (“Rewriting history now,” March 15) supports the status quo of having parks, schools and streets named after men who have committed genocide, held racist views and were enslavers of human beings by obscuring the issue and stifling discussion of Alameda’s history, its public spaces, and institutionalized racism.

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to students at Alameda High School (AHS), Island High School and Alameda Science & Technology Institute. 

Dear students:
I write this letter to you as a way of saying “thanks” for welcoming me into your hearts and “good bye” because I will be with you no longer as a substitute teacher. 

I have been removed from the substitute list by the AHS principal. The reasons given are so inconsequential that I have forgotten them.