The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to Amy Wooldridge, director of the Alameda Recreation and Park Department.


Dear Ms. Wooldridge:

Jackson Park has been our family’s front yard for 13 years. As a "passive-use park" Jackson needs places for people to relax. The Clark Memorial Bench is such a place. Its crescent shape makes it ideal for small groups to gather and talk. It is durable — made of solid concrete — and has lasted 94 years.

"You’re representing developers’ interests, not the public’s, therefore we’ll take over and do it ourselves."

I recently attended a planning meeting for people who volunteered to carry petitions to place a referendum on the November ballot to save Crown Beach and stop the City "leaders" from giving public land to a private developer — just as we did with the Chuck Corica golf course, when we, the public, told our "leaders" to stop trying to give the golf course to Ron Cowan.

The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) was disappointed to see that in the article about the Encinal High School (EHS) gas leak ("School District under Fire," Feb. 20) the Alameda Sun failed to include sentences in the district’s statement that explained that a) teachers can talk to reporters, but b) we prefer they talk to district staff first.

The AUSD statement emailed to the Sun, said in full:

Part one in a series

"Land swap," two words that leave sour tastes in the mouths of many. Developer Ron Cowan’s attempted trade deals led to changes in the City Charter. Now another swap is on the table; actuallly make that two swaps: one on Alameda Point and one at the old Encinal Terminal site behind the shuttered Del Monte Warehouse.

Chen has neither been further disciplined by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners; nor has he suffered any further arrests or convictions.

The assertion in the editor’s note in rebuttal to Stewart Chen’s explanation about his conviction for conduct that happened more than 20 years ago ("Chen responds," Feb. 20) that "such conduct should not be shrugged off or taken lightly" is incorrect in fact and in law.