Get ready to have some fun in Downtown Alameda on July Fourth. The Mayor’s Fourth of July Parade is one of the best Independence Day parades in the Bay Area. Spectators of all ages look forward to seeing a lively procession of vintage cars, hand-decorated flatbeds, or “floats,” dancing horses, marching bands, dancing troupes, cheering squads, bicyclists, musicians, costumed characters, clowns and surprises.


This spring, Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) engaged in a comprehensive review of its budget. The goal was to identify educational priorities and then find ways to realign the budget in order to direct more funding to employee salaries, which are about 10 percent less than the county average. 


Ever notice how the Colorado River serves as an excellent metaphor for public school funding in California?

The Colorado starts out at an elevation of 10,184 feet above sea level, at the continental divide: more specifically La Poudre Pass. Prior to 1960, had you stood at the very summit of La Poudre Pass, and — heaven forbid — poured a can of Coors onto the ground, six ounces of that beer would have eventually reached the Gulf of Mexico and six ounces might have reached the Gulf of California.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17. The Island’s downtown district is a great place for families to spend a memorable day with Dad.

Dad will have a blast spending an afternoon or evening in Downtown Alameda. There’s plenty of activities to choose from. Treat Dad to the latest blockbuster movie at Alameda Theatre & Cineplex, challenge him to a classic video arcade game (the kind he played as a kid) at High Scores Arcade or stop in for a round of golf or slot car racing at Subpar Miniature Golf.


I’ve been thinking about extinction recently, my own in the foreseeable future and that of the species with whom we share the Earth. Personal extinction is the natural end to life and so is the extinction of a species. The dinosaurs are gone but life rolls on unabated. Evolution adapts species (not individuals) to changing circumstances and when those circumstances change again many species cannot adapt and go extinct.