For more than a year, Mayor Trish Spencer and the City Council have insisted that the Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC) is to play a key role in easing the rent crisis in Alameda. 

In response, in late October and early November of this year, the Alameda Renters Coalition proposed a series of RRAC reforms to the Mayor, Council and to the RRAC itself. Implementing these reforms is critical if the RRAC is to be successful and if the Mayor and Council hope to ever win the trust of renters with regard to the RRAC.

I try to understand and comprehend mass shootings at schools, movie theaters, homes, churches, community centers and businesses but I am not at all successful. What is it like to be in a room where someone is indiscriminately shooting people? What is it like to see friends, family members or coworkers being shot to death all around you? What is it like to be shot? How would I cope with the loud noise, the smoke and smell of burning cordite and the agony of having your flesh torn, your bones broken and vital organs ripped to shreds and blood flowing from your wounds?

I think that it’s important to get the word out that one of Alameda’s most recognized locations is in danger of being bulldozed and replaced by high-density townhomes and condominiums. I’m talking about the Alameda Marina.
With changes in zoning implemented in 2012, a large part of the waterfront in Alameda that faces the Estuary was re-zoned from “light industrial” to “mixed use.” “Mixed use” allows retail, residential, light industrial and commercial properties. Since around 1965, the Alameda Marina has been a recreational centerpiece of the Northern Waterfront. 

Santa-followers throughout the world were thrilled to learn that he and his new chief elf, Quaznor, may soon speak to them from the North Pole via videoconference. A specific time for the event was not disclosed. Similar presentations have been impromptu affairs, as Santa and his staff must wait for a sustained peaceful lull in human race-consciousness before they can descend from the spiritual to the human dimensions. Such lulls have been rare in 2015, but hopes are high that one may occur before Christmas. 

From all of us at FAAS, we wish you a joyous holiday season. 
As the holidays approach, many pet parents are looking forward to including their furry family members in their festivities. From holiday decorating to family get-togethers, dogs and cats alike are often part of the joyful celebration. Taking a few tips into consideration will help to keep your pets safe and avoid uninvited consequences during special social gatherings.