I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life to serving the needs of children and their families here in Alameda in multiple leadership capacities. I was elected in 2008, and reelected in 2012, to serve as a leader of Alameda. Alameda is at a crossroads. Thousands of new homes are being developed without fully addressing their impact on our quality of life.

The Alameda Education Association (AEA) reiterates its support for the reelection of Mayor Marie Gilmore. She has been a strong advocate for public education and teachers in Alameda.

The association, which represents 540 teachers, counselors and nurses in the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD), is extremely disappointed by the decision of school board trustee Trish Herrera Spencer to campaign for mayor instead of focusing on the responsibilities of her current elected position.

Tim Coffey

Now that there is a full slate of candidates for City Hall elections, which of them is going to stand up for Bay Farm and be our a voice in Alameda politics?

They should be falling over each other to court our votes. Bay Farm is one of the biggest, most consistent voting blocks in Alameda. Nearly every candidate to win the popular vote in Bay Farm has also won the city-wide general election.

Plus, Bay Farm has a unifying issue.

Editor’s note: Alameda Sun staff received this letter from local resident Colin Pero recently. The image has been reproduced as sent in, less some contact information.

Sudden agreement while public on ‘summer vacation’

If you get a moment, view the last portion of the City Council meeting of July 29, where the council went into exclusive negotiations (regarding an Alameda Point land sale) with a group that supposedly has direct connections with China. The weird and scary thing is, the council is not putting these parcels of land up for bid. Why?

All previous discussion was held in closed session. At this meeting the council gave the city manager almost complete control over review of the sale proposal.