Your Dec. 24 article “Councilman, Mayor Accused of Breaking Law” sent me hurdling over the solstice gifts to get to my stash of Rolaids and chamomile tea extract. Two paragraphs into article, I was gripping my Japa Beads with sweaty hands and white knuckles; my defibrillator was out of the box and at the ready.

Towards the end of November someone who obviously cares a lot about the content of the Alameda Sun, but not enough to identify themselves left an unpleasant letter and a ripped up newspaper behind. The Sun welcomes any and all opinions through our email address editor@alamedasun.com, via snail mail, or even via the website alamedasun.com. A drop box is also provided at our office for convenience in dropping off items.  

Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of reading on the Alameda Police Department’s Daily Activity Log just to see what is happening in Alameda that is more than what is being reported in the papers.

I was extremely upset to read that some unknown person had started a fire inside the Historic Carnegie Library at 2264 Santa Clara Ave. One report stated that someone broke into the building on Friday Dec. 11, but was confronted by an employee. Then on Sunday, Dec. 13, someone broke in and set fire to papers that are stored there.

Letter writer Claire Coustier (see adjoining commentary) inspired us to put our own opinions into writing regarding the city of Alameda’s lack of attention to the building they own directly across the street from City Hall. 

The Carnegie Library still stands as an icon to philanthropy and education funded by Andrew Carnegie. Currently, it stands like a big filing cabinet for city documents. 

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