Robert Sullwold

It looks like Mayor Marie Gilmore may be running for re-election unopposed.

That’s not surprising. After all, Gilmore is the incumbent. She looks good riding on top of a stagecoach in the Fourth of July parade. And, most importantly, she can count on the firefighters’ union to spend as much as necessary to ensure she remains in office so she can hand out new public safety union contracts in 2017.

Just for kicks, let’s suppose someone is foolish — and wealthy — enough to run against Gilmore. What would it take to win?

Jeffrey R Smith

When a trusted colleague sent a link to the initial news release announcing that Superintendent Kirsten Vital was "heading south:" leaving for a greener sinecure in Capistrano, many teachers thought it was a hoax or just a ruse to get them to return in the fall.

Like most stories that are too good to be true, the Capistrano story was hard to "swallow."

Redolent puns aside; the critics were wrong — at least on one count.

Dear Community Members:

This summer is a season of change in Alameda Unified School District. As many of you have heard, our superintendent, Kirsten Vital, has resigned her position as of August 1, 2014 to become the new superintendent of Capistrano Unified School District.

On July 1, the City Council adopted the citizens’ "Crab Cove Open Space Expansion Initiative." The initiative was sponsored by "Friends of Crown Beach" who gathered more than 6,000 signatures within a six-week period. The initiative zones a 3.89-acre parcel adjacent to Crab Cove as "open space." The parcel is currently for sale by the federal General Services Administration (GSA). In 2008, voters in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties approved the Crab Cove expansion and funded it.

Some 15 years ago when I moved to this town, I heard about this mythical effort preservationists had undertaken in the 1970s to prevent the widespread building of “motel-style apartments” where gorgeous Victorian-era mansions once stood. 

Couched as an amazing feat of preservation, the 1973 Measure A sounded good enough to me. I, for one, didn’t want to live in those non-descript motel-style apartments and liked Alameda for the very reason that the Victorian-era homes remained.