The Alameda Point Collaborative’s (APC) annual fundraiser, The Farm to Table Luncheon, has been set for Saturday, May 19. APC invites Alamedans to come eat, celebrate and advocate for a great cause at the APC Farm. Supporting the less fortunate gives extra meaning to the words strength, home and kindness.


The Best of Alameda contest by Alameda Magazine is a highlight of the year that celebrates our Island City. The West Alameda Business Association (WABA) congratulates the following West Alameda businesses for being chosen among the Best of Alameda.

Food & Drink

A recent letter, (“McKay project doesn’t respect voters’ wishes,” April 19) from former Vice Mayor Barbara Thomas is misleading the public with the intent of denying vulnerable, medically fragile homeless seniors with a safe place to live out their lives and get much needed medical care. The letter pins opposition to helping homeless seniors on personal opinion that there is a voter mandate to turn the property into open space.

No such mandate exists. At almost every step the facts in the letter were wrong:


There are many decisions our city fathers and mothers have to make about how to spend the taxes and fees collected by the city in a way that meets the greatest needs and desires of the populace, as well as the demands of those who finance political campaigns.  There is a natural hierarchy to these demands on the treasury with fire brigades and police being always at the top, which is as it should be.  Schools and teachers come next, and livable (though not extravagant) wages for our civil servants certainly come along with the other top priorities.


At a closed-door meeting on Monday, the City Council unanimously voted to instruct City Attorney Janet Kern to “refer the audio recordings to the Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley.” Jill Keimach made the recordings of two City Councilmembers when she was serving as City Manager.  Some hope that O’Malley will turn the tapes over to a civil grand jury.