Alameda will celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Downtown Alameda Classic Car Show presented by General Auto Parts and NAPA on Saturday, Oct. 13. More than 400 classic vehicles of all types will be lined up along Park Street, from Encinal Avenue to Buena Vista Avenue — roadsters, coupes, hot rods, muscle cars, antique trucks and more. The free one-day event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and offers fun for the entire family. 


About a year after its launch, the ReThink Disposable program is really building momentum: 25 businesses have been certified (18 of them in the downtown district), 13 are in the process of being certified and 24 more businesses have signed up. 


There was a time when people bought small rental properties “for their retirement.” They knew their tenants and kept them for a long time with infrequent rent increases. This stability created a sense of community as people knew their neighbors and looked out for each other. Longer-term residents are invested in their neighborhoods and city. We show up to volunteer, report problems that need fixing, contribute to strong schools and take pride in our city. Community stability makes Alameda a desirable place to live.


I read with a great sense of relief that someone is getting serious about cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) (“Ocean Cleanup Set to Launch,” Sept. 4). For those of you who lost your flip-flops at the beach, you might try sifting through the GPGP to find them.


We need to start applying a rational approach to the issue of our growing homeless problem and population sooner rather than later. When political action divides us, we must strive to be more rational and not so combative. This is not easy to achieve. 

The rent-control situation has one side in favor of the government interfering in the market to prevent social harm. The other side objects to any government interference at all. However, when imbalances occur, the role of government is to seek balance.