On Aug. 12, I notified Alameda City Manager Eric Levitt that I would be taking responsibility for payment of the legal fees I incurred in responding to allegations made by the former City Manager Jill Kleimbach.

A new partnership between MBH Architects and the West Alameda Business Association (WABA) aims to energize the Webster Street shopping district using a pop-up event called Park(ing) Day. The event will showcase Webster’s wide array of experiences in food, shopping and fun with something to appeal to everyone. 

As I sit on a stool across from Stanley Hallmark in his 16-square-foot newsstand at the corner of Park Street and Santa Clara Avenue, I feel like it’s the hub of the Island. As the sign above proclaims, the edifice has existed since 1939. While I was hoping to learn the history of the iconic newsstand, I soon realized the story of the man behind the news was what I was really after.

I call the author of the above letter’s attention to Charles Park’s letter defending the president (“Why the Heller?” Aug. 1) and other writers like Hunter Cobb (“Of black kettles and high horses,” July 18) who shot down Gaby Dolphin’s request to serialize the Mueller Report. That was one of the few responses we got from Dolphin’s column (“The Mueller Report Needs Translating,” July 20), and we printed it. I resent the accusation that we cherry pick or turn down letters.

The West Alameda Business Association has wonderful news for local history buffs. Legendary Island City Historian Woody Minor, having walked on the East End the past three years, will hold his annual history walk on the West End this year! The event is set for Sunday, Aug. 25, at 1 p.m.