Does Alameda Still Have a ‘Black Community’?

I am often asked questions like, “What does the Black community think about [insert some random issue]?” I usually respond, “I am not Alameda’s Negro spokesman.” And, I don’t know if Alameda still has a Black community. 

Since the 1990s, forced migration, displacement, along with class dynamics and demographic changes, have complicated the continuity and sense of a “Black community” in Alameda.


American taxpayers regularly overpay because they fail to take eligible deductions. Downtown Alameda Business Association member Shum Financial Group offers a quick look at four of the most commonly overlooked deductions.

Out-of-Pocket Charity 
Donating goods or the use of a personal car for charitable work are potential tax deductions. Just be sure to get a receipt for any donation valued at more than $250.


I don’t make specific “asks” of my community but I’m doing so now. I do so in memory of a homeless friend who died on our beach and others still out there: When you get your Measure A ballot in the mail, open it on the spot, vote “yes” on A, put it back in the envelope, seal, sign and stamp that envelope and pop it in the mail then and there. 

Let me explain. 


Measures A and B present us with a choice between two uses of the federal surplus property situated on McKay Street. Both uses have civic-minded supporters who will be presenting us with the positives of their position.

Measure A offers us a wellness center for the homeless that will include 90 senior assisted-living permanent housing studio units, a 50-bed medical respite unit, a medical clinic to serve both populations and a drop-in resource center for at-risk City of Alameda residents. 


The Beacon Business Bank Speakers Series kicks off the spring season today, Thursday, March 21, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. with two local experts speaking on topics of interest to business owners. 

First, CPA Lars Hansson will speak on “Tax laws of 2019 and the Impacts on Businesses” 

Hansson has worked for more than 30 years providing dedicated service to his clients located throughout the Bay Area. His expertise is in business income tax preparation, tax planning, trust planning, estate preparation and planning processes.