Local reviewer really enjoyed Altarena performance

To preclude any ambiguity, The Light in the Piazza is best thing to happen to High Street since they put in the bridge.


What’s our national debt? The financial one that comes to mind is subservient to a second and deeper national debt.  

I see a soldier wading ashore at Normandy on June 6, 1944.  He’s a farm boy from Iowa, he’s a mechanic from Connecticut, a new recruit from California. He’s someone’s son from your hometown. We owe him. We owe that young man — who may well have died on Omaha Beach — a debt of gratitude for defending our freedom from foreign domination.


Alameda Point’s trees don’t seem to be a consideration

Many beautiful mature trees at Alameda Point could be cut down unless measures are taken to protect them. 

The second phase of redevelopment at the former Naval Air Station is focused on the Main Street neighborhood. The neighborhood is near the Main Street Ferry Terminal and encompasses the “Big Whites” and surrounding homes. Many old structures will likely be torn down, but what will become of the trees?


Process loss with neighbors at quarterly meeting

In a pretty little cottage in a lovely little garden, there will be a table set with tea, cake and a few other munchies for the indulgers. There will be a circle of chairs — maybe 15 or so. At one end of the table, there will be name tags and pens and, after writing your name on one and assembling a small plate of treats, you will be invited to sit with a few others and talk about death. You will have arrived at the Death Café.