Discussion of ordinance continues with rebuttal to commentary last week

Paul Foreman’s commentary last week on my July 14 letter about the fixed-term lease loophole (“’Loophole’ a Clear Policy Decision, July 21) is emblematic of a widespread insensitivity to the vulnerability of renters.


This is in response to Monty Heyings’s commentary (”Vote Cements Loophole for Alameda Landlords,” July 14) concerning the fixed-term lease “loophole” in the city’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance. I am neither a residential landlord nor a tenant.

Heying presents this issue as an error that Council is too lazy to fix. On the contrary, it was a clear policy decision that took up an hour of discussion beyond the midnight hour at the Feb. 16 Council meeting. 



With an afternoon set aside to write this column, I suddenly viewed the morning as an opportunity to cook up a boiled dinner of corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes and carrots. I had purchased three generous corned beef packages on sale, thinking that I might as well make enough, in one fell swoop, to feed my mom, her neighbor, my daughter and son-in-law, along with my husband and me. 


The Los Angeles Clippers recently signed former Warriors player Marreese Speights to a one-year veteran’s minimum. Los Angeles Times writer Ben Bolch is justly overjoyed about the deal.

What is the veteran’s minimum?  The stars make the gazillions. But guys who play better than the stars on some nights get zilch? I think that the Warriors would have won the NBA championship this year if Speights had been given a larger role in game three of the Warriors’ series against Houston. 


Proof of their bias against renters lies in the fact that the mayor and City Council know about the Fixed-term Lease (FTL) loophole in the rent ordinance they passed in February and have not corrected this “oversight.”

The FTL loophole was pointed out to a city attorney by the mayor at the Feb. 16 council meeting where Councilman James Oddie famously threw up his hands and got red in the face as the FTL loophole was discussed around 2 a.m. on June 18.