San Franciscans, who can no-longer afford living in the sparkling city by the sea, are reportedly flocking to the tony sections of Oakland. Nearly one third of the buyers of Oakland real estate are economic refugees from San Francisco; trucking their equity and freighting their Ikea inventory across the rusting Bay Bridge.

Everyone’s already talking about it online, but we decided quite pointedly to not run a three-column, full-color image of the graffiti left all over the Crown Memorial Beach bathing pavilion, essentially at the far western end of Otis Drive. 

Rather than draw attention to this completely selfish act, we’d rather call on local law enforcement to look into this vandalism. Sadly, we’ve already heard from Alameda Police that they “don’t follow up on graffiti” when our office building was tagged recently. 

I have a strange Alameda story to tell. I live in Washington State. Not the “wet” side of the state, but North Central Washington, east of the Cascade Mountains. Lots of sun in the summer, snow in winter, and not many people. The Methow Valley (no “th” — pronounced “met-how”)

My parents moved to Alameda in 1978 and my sister followed soon thereafter. I have been visiting Alameda every year for almost 40 years now.

Now that the New Year has begun and we have made resolutions we may or may not keep, filled in the new calendar pages and look forward to what we can do to make this world a better place, I would like to share with you a simple act of blessing that we experienced this holiday season. This act can be replicated over and over and over again.

There has been recent interest about what’s going on at Alameda Marina. As one of the owners of the property, I invite you to join the discussion about plans to revitalize the underutilized and degrading marina, provide greater public access to the waterfront, and ultimately create an engaged and accessible waterfront for all Alamedans.