Barbara Kutz Herbert, born Sept. 14, 1935, 
died March 7, 2016. 
Happy 81st birthday! 
Your spirit still 
lives in my heart,
Your loving husband George


Not far from the Alameda Landing Safeway is notice on the bioswale saying, “Help us to help the environment.” The “us” referred to in the sign is Vestar that developed Alameda Landing. Vestar has-made some effort to fulfill this message. It placed put in the bioswales, which help clean rainwater. Not very useful in drought unfortunately. What else is there? There are lots of trees. There are bike racks. 


The Alameda Renters Coalition (ARC) began as and remains a local grassroots organization, despite false allegations to the contrary that often appear in local anti-renter letters to the editor and commentaries.

One recent commentary (“Let’s Not Repeat Failed Rental Policy,” Aug. 25), repeats two frequent but false claims about the ARC’s funding. Previous letter and op-ed authors have claimed — also falsely — that “outside agitators” somehow stirred up Alameda’s renters and turned us against local landlords. Neither set of allegations is correct.


I recently witnesses an officer from the Alameda Police Department (APD) making an arrest. This did not make the news as far as I’m aware, though it is certainly newsworthy.


In remembering Carrie Beavers, the first adjective that comes to mind is kind, followed by congenial, considerate, charismatic, cheerful and clever. Sweet must also be included, because Carrie was that above all.

During my infrequent visits to Alameda Sun headquarters, I was assured of a warm hug and a compliment from the always affable Carrie. Busy newspaper workers can be a brooding, self-absorbed, grumpy lot, but not Carrie. She was always pleasant, with a warm smile and a jovial, good-natured greeting. She radiated the warmth of the Sun.