We can make any school in Alameda good. Why not our local school?

I will be sending my second child through our neighborhood school: Will C. Wood Middle School because I believe in supporting my neighborhood school.

Neighborhood schools keep people out of cars. At neighborhood schools, kids strengthen ties to their neighbors — both adults and children — giving them a sense of place and connection to their community. And community that is created by neighborhood schools is a concrete civic asset that we should not undervalue.

Although I congratulate Philip Hu in winning the school board seat, the first time since moving to this magnificent island on May 15, 2009, I felt embarrassed to be an Alamedan. I felt disrespected, discounted, attacked and discriminated against based on personal choices I made to benefit my family. I felt punished and reprimanded for taking on a leadership role at my son’s school. 

I was the only candidate for this school board seat of the 23 whose character was personally called into question.

It’s been a long time coming.

At its Tuesday, Feb. 17, meeting, the City Council will consider adopting a resolution in support of using the surplus federal property by Crab Cove for park and open space purposes.

The resolution urges the General Services Administration (GSA) to negotiate a low or no-cost sale to the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) or the state and to end its eminent domain action on state-owned McKay Avenue.

Regrettably, I’ve spent far too much of my life wishing the time away. I’m not talking about "when I win the lottery…" "when Prince Charming shows up…" or "when I’m thin…" I’m talking about "please let payday be here," "please let me get that job offer next week" or "please make enough time pass that this heart no longer feels broken."

Having health coverage is important to keep you and your family healthy. It can protect you from the what-ifs of life, and can bring peace of mind in case of sickness or accident. As the new Chair of the California Assembly Health Committee, I want to encourage every Californian to explore all healthcare options available to them and their families.