A campaign slogan has made itself perceptible across Alameda: The mantra insists: “Let the people decide, not City Council.” I don’t know if this reflects abject ignorance, or if it’s a cynical hope on the part of the Alamedans in Charge to slip something by what they consider “ignorant” Island City voters. Allow me to set the record straight. This slogan negates every principle upon which our nation was founded and asks us to abandon the very structure of government upon which this great nation was founded. 

The races for Alameda Mayor and City Council have resulted in tight races, still too close to call. The tentative results which are still pending the counting of some 90,000 unprocessed mail-in ballots and an unknown number of walk-in, mail-in ballots, show Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft leading in the mayoral race by 213 votes.


One has to wonder how life became so politicized and polarized. Will life will ever return to sanity or, at a minimum, get back to normal? The answers are both too obvious and too politically charged to even speak of. As the great sage Joseph Stalin expounded, “If you claim not to be political, that, too, is political.”


In May of 2012, I wrote the following article to local papers in reference to similar issues that will appear on the November 2018 ballot. 

My wife and I like living in Alameda and the house we bought 16 years ago, after living in Oakland for 19 years. I intend to vote “no” on measure C and the Peralta College Measure B.