Let’s pause for a moment to focus on who Measure B1 is really all about: our students, our children. Despite a recent letter to the editor inaccurately written by a vocal minority, we as dedicated Alamedans know that Measure B1 is the only means of preventing devastating $12 million cut in our local school budget.


A few years ago, in a tragic accident, I lost a brother. I had never met him, but he was my brother nonetheless. My brother was a lineworker for a local power company. To get to the location where he needed to make repairs, he “free climbed” up a utility pole, which means that nothing secured him to the pole except his own hands and feet. But he lost his footing and fell to his death. One small miscalculation cost him his life.


During his presidency, Franklin Delano Roosevelt went to the airways via radio to bring his “Fireside Chats” to the American people informing them of the issues of the day. On a smaller scale, I hope  you will allow me to come into your home and address measure K1, more commonly known as the Utility Modernization Act (UMA). I am strongly in favor of its passage. 

I will not attempt to influence your vote, but ask you to study the issue thoroughly. There will be pros and cons on this measure, and that is healthy and good. This is known as “democracy at work.”


We can vote “no” on rent measures and work toward a fairer rent ordinance. We can lobby to remove the relocation fees from the currently operating Ordinance 3148. Only then will we have more equitable rent control for both landlords and tenants.

There are too many lopsided issues already presented regarding M1 that make it impractical for both tenants and landlords, and too costly for the city to operate.