In his recent commentary (“Corrections to Myths about Charter Schools,” March 24) Mark Irons completely missed the point of Patti Wilczek’s original commentary, (“Dispelling Charter School Myths,” March 17) in which she extolled the virtues of Alameda’s wide range of public school choices. 

The passage of Ordinance 3148: A Rent Stabilization and Limitations on Evictions Ordinance has brought turmoil and unrest to the provincial city of Alameda. Tenants dislike the “no fixed cap” clause that allows landlords to raise rents as much as they please. Landlords resent the new ordinance’s paperwork and the costs and requirements Ordinance 3148 foists on them. 


Tomorrow, Friday, April 15, will be the opening night for Annie at Encinal High School (EHS), but it also marks the end of one of the most remarkable teaching careers on this island. Thirty-two years ago, Bob Moorhead joined the staff at EHS as the drama teacher and director, and with Annie he takes a deserved final bow. 

Local columnist returns with series on life, death and how to do them

End of life. Yes, that would be death. And death is death. No one is sure when it will come, nor what — if anything — comes after. But we are all familiar with the huge realm of possibilities that precede it.

A recent press release from the  Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) retraced the mercurial trajectory of the newly designated chief student support officer — an upwardly mobile professional who scurried in near record time from the teacher credentialing program at Cal State Hayward, in and out of the trenches of actual teaching, through some administrative positions and finally into the labyrinth of a dozen or so conference rooms and the empyreal sinecures of AUSD headquarters.