It’s just like listening to politicians who don’t believe in climate change. They have rebuttals to global warming like “It snowed today” or “Then why am I still wearing a jacket.” Just like some facts are skewed to represent their points of view as valid, those of us who actually look at the increased hurricanes, drought and rising global temperatures aka “facts.” know better than to align with their ideology. 


A poignant obituary for a 29-year-old high school English teacher who died of breast cancer tells the tale of a generous, unguarded person who shared her end-of-life journey with students and colleagues, while holding out great hope for a reprieve from her disease. Her courage in facing the disease and in sharing her challenges moved and inspired hundreds — probably even thousands, if you consider the ripple effect.


I considered myself a serious student at the time, although my ambiguity on race and the war was lurking in the background. In the spring of 1968, I was a freshman at Franklin Marshall College in the heart of the Amish country in Lancaster, Pa. An all-men’s school off the beaten trail seemed like an unusual spot for Muhammad Ali to appear.     


I trust that on Wednesday, June 22, concerned Alameda residents, who value nature and open space will appear before the Planning Board to ask for a substantial downsizing of the Westmont project. The project is currently under consideration for the beautiful park-like piece of land next to the Harbor Bay ferry terminal and adjacent to the Bay Shoreline Trail. 


Drivers: speed limit in most of Alameda is 25 mph

I almost hit a pedestrian while turning right from Otis Drive onto Broadway. My heart dropped. The very thing I had appreciated as a pedestrian caught me off guard as a driver.