Sherman Street residents spearhead effort at National Night Out event

When my husband and I moved from San Francisco to Alameda in 2011, the warm welcome we received encouraged us to get involved and contribute to our new and unique Island life. After settling into our home in the 1500 block of Sherman Street in 2013, we joined our neighbors to help organize and participate in National Night Out (NNO).  


Plans to prepare a neighborhood for the next big earthquake will require shopping, studying and answering some basic questions. Some of these efforts might including coordinating with neighbors or local officials. 

Stuff to get
Having certain items conveniently accessible is essential for both neighborhoods and individuals:


Has the entire Alameda Democratic Party establishment lost its collective marbles? 

First we have Assm. Rob Bonta’s letter accusing anyone who opposes Vice Mayor Malia Vella’s attempts to influence former City Manager Jill Keimach’s selection of Fire Chief Edmond Rodriguez of being a racist. (“Birther Movement Comes to Alameda,” July 5)


The Island’s City’s largest event, the Art & Wine Faire, has been a community tradition for 34 years and is a great place to meet neighbors, friends and folks that help make the Island shine. Annually, the Art & Wine Faire presents a wonderful opportunity to not only showcase Alameda’s beautiful downtown businesses and all they have to offer, but also recognize the city’s community associations and hard-working nonprofit groups. Get to know these participating organizations, learn about service opportunities or make a donation.


The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) is going to hold a series of public meetings to help you understand why one high school of 3,000 students is more educationally sound than two high schools of 1,400 and 1,700 students. And why your children will now have a “greater educational opportunity.”

Every school bond passed in Alameda is tagged with the phrase, “for the children.” Alameda is noted for its good schools. Ask any Realtor. He or she will tell you that AUSD’s reputation helps sell property.