’ve always loved the holidays. In addition to giving thanks for my family’s good fortune, it presents a time where our community can come together to help more families in Alameda have a good holiday season.

And many of our local families need help. The Alameda Food Bank served 1,582 households in 2007 and 2,125 households in 2013: an increase of 34 percent. One of every 15 people living in Alameda will need food assistance this year. Of those, 30 percent are children and 10 percent are seniors.

Why We Protested at Alameda’s Tree Lighting Ceremony

The recent grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Mo., and Staten Island, N.Y. not to indict white police officers responsible for the deaths of two black men have further revealed the flaws in our justice system and fueled widespread protests in hundreds of cities throughout the country.

Judging from the Alameda Sun op-ed page, Alamedans are concerned about proposals by city government to expand housing in the town. Thousands of housing units are proposed.

Like many, I have been wondering just who will live in those units. Since the second Great Depression began in 2008, most Americans have lost income and assets and have no money for either mortgage or down payment. In fact many of us have been pitched out of houses we once owned or evicted due to high rent. Who is all this housing for?

Mayor Marie Gilmore pointed to Mayor-Elect Trish Spencer’s 120 vote margin of victory and proclaimed that it was not a mandate for change. This sad and inappropriate display of sour grapes came from a mayor who, despite seven years as a city councilmember prior to becoming mayor and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by out-of-town interests on her behalf, was elected Mayor in 2010 with only 36 percent of the vote.

Sierra Club hosting show-and-tell hike on Sunday

Right when we’re trying to attract commercial developers to Alameda Point, our next door neighbors are proposing to do the same thing just 1,000 yards away from Alameda’s eastern shore.