I considered myself a serious student at the time, although my ambiguity on race and the war was lurking in the background. In the spring of 1968, I was a freshman at Franklin Marshall College in the heart of the Amish country in Lancaster, Pa. An all-men’s school off the beaten trail seemed like an unusual spot for Muhammad Ali to appear.     


I trust that on Wednesday, June 22, concerned Alameda residents, who value nature and open space will appear before the Planning Board to ask for a substantial downsizing of the Westmont project. The project is currently under consideration for the beautiful park-like piece of land next to the Harbor Bay ferry terminal and adjacent to the Bay Shoreline Trail. 


Drivers: speed limit in most of Alameda is 25 mph

I almost hit a pedestrian while turning right from Otis Drive onto Broadway. My heart dropped. The very thing I had appreciated as a pedestrian caught me off guard as a driver.


This is it, people. Time for California to shine. For all those past pundits who quip that California’s primary never matters, this year, it does. 

Whether you’re aiming to make America great again, electing the first female president of the United States or attempting a working-class revolution, the time has come to vote. No amount of whining, blustering or protesting will add up to the single most powerful weapon in the public’s arsenal: the vote.

Vote with integrity, vote with pride, vote with intelligence, but most of all vote Tuesday, June 7. 


Local reviewer really enjoyed Altarena performance

To preclude any ambiguity, The Light in the Piazza is best thing to happen to High Street since they put in the bridge.