Regrettably, I’ve spent far too much of my life wishing the time away. I’m not talking about "when I win the lottery…" "when Prince Charming shows up…" or "when I’m thin…" I’m talking about "please let payday be here," "please let me get that job offer next week" or "please make enough time pass that this heart no longer feels broken."

Having health coverage is important to keep you and your family healthy. It can protect you from the what-ifs of life, and can bring peace of mind in case of sickness or accident. As the new Chair of the California Assembly Health Committee, I want to encourage every Californian to explore all healthcare options available to them and their families.

Nurse describes how hospital lacks relief personnel

I am a registered nurse at Alameda Hospital. I have worked there for about 15 months. I love my job and feel that the care we give is excellent. For about the first eight months or so of my employment at the hospital my coworkers and I always had dinner and bathroom breaks while still maintaining the mandated safe staffing ratios for California in a coronary care unit.

This was possible because we had what’s called a "relief nurse" also known at other hospitals as a charge nurse and/or resource nurse.

Remember when you were in high school and someone asked the teacher why you had to study history? The answer invariably was, "So we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past." Welcome to the future — that of the City Planner’s and Planning Board’s vision of the future for Alameda — where the mistakes of the past are being writ large.

The comments below were excerpted from a local newspaper:

I would like to reply to Terry W. Gintz’s piece ("Alameda Is Not Safe at Any Speed," Jan. 22). I called him to thank him for such a great commentary and told him I was very glad that he was not injured in the accident he had on Christmas Eve. After all, the very busy traffic and issues we witnessed during the holidays has now been exchanged for the sometimes difficult back-to-work or back-to-school traffic issues we see here and on the local freeways.