An expected 35 gardens and nurseries featuring plants native to California will be open this Sunday May 5, as part of the “Bringing Back the Natives” Garden Tour, including a few in Alameda. The self-guided tour will take visitors to gardens designed to be attractive, low maintenance, provide habitat for polinators, while also using less water.

Gardens on the tour include those designed by Alamedans: Robin and Neil Heyden, Jennifer Hurley and Dan Gaff, Natalie and Armand and Gretchen Pivonka. Fellow gardeners can learn tips along the way.

The USS Hornet Museum has a full slate of events scheduled during the month of May that Alamedans of all ages will enjoy. Many of the events at the museum take place on a regular basis. 

More than 400 kids  participated with their families in the Annual Downtown Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday, April 20. The sidewalks were packed as kids ran from business to business in search of the next treat. More than 30 member businesses participated in the hunt. Signs in windows and doors marked where children could enter to find a treat or fun activity.

Homeless advocate shares perspective of lives unseen

One lonely dog sits on a large empty patio overlooking the river. He is impatiently waiting for his owner to come out of the bar.

Inside the bar are a group of Pretention People, who are self-absorbed in presenting how they want to be seen. None look out of the bank of windows which features the river. None see the ducks floating with the current as the river flows out to the bay.

Crab Cove neighbor elated wellness center moves ahead

I was moved to joyful tears as I saw the election results for Measure A come in and saw that Alameda reaffirmed the compassion in our slogan, “Everyone Belongs Here.” I am a close neighbor of the proposed wellness center for the homeless and, if anyone’s daily life will be affected by it, mine will. And I couldn’t be happier about it.