Looking for unique and interesting gifts for Dad? Check out the auto accessories, jewelry, craft beverages and so much more in Downtown Alameda. The Island’s downtown district is also a great place for families to spend a memorable day with Dad.

Sharing breakfast over a nice conversation on Father’s Day is a longtime family tradition and Downtown Alameda has a number of classic diners. If Dad is more of a burger kind of guy, there are a number of local eateries that offer their twist on the classic hamburger for lunch or dinner.

As Carl Jung would say, “There is a shadow side to everything.” Even the treasured least tern of Alameda has, or had, a dark side (“Meet Alameda’s Treasured Least Tern,” May 23).

I was not always the Encinal High School mathematics teacher who writes columns, diatribes and letters to the editor from the fringe — or slightly beyond the fringe. In my halcyon days, I was a Naval aviator assigned to Naval Air Station Alameda during its final days. From 1990 until the beginning of 1994, in addition to serving as a station pilot, I was the base safety officer.

Open letter to Council decries no-cause eviction ban

To Mayor and Councilmembers:
As a small income-property owner and long-term Realtor in Alameda, I heartily object to the Council’s May 21 vote to eliminate the no-cause provision in Ordinance 3148. The small number of true no-cause evictions since Ordinance 3148 went into effect does not warrant this change. 

I’ve been a father for more than 30 years and have a closet full of neckties to prove it. For years, fathers all over the world have been showered with gifts such as neckties, handkerchiefs and socks from their well-meaning wives and children on the third Sunday of every June. After all, you wouldn’t give him a Mother’s Day gift like flowers or perfume. So the problem of what to give Dad to show our appreciation was solved, time and time again, with neckties which I think we can all agree, has become somewhat of a cliché. 

Should developers be required to provide space and other necessities for community gardens in new projects? That is a question for cities to consider as neighborhoods of single-family residences give way to multi-family housing.