For me, the nebulous expression “affordable housing” has always been a mystery or an enigma; right up there with professional wrestling, Area 51 and the Loch Ness Monster. Judging by the dearth of rental units on the local market, one might, lacking nuance, sensitivity and subjectivity, think nearly all Alameda housing is “affordable” given it is all rented.

Part one of two

French eyebrows raised, tongues clicked and wagged. That woman was back. Dozens upon dozens of male professors and their students had wondered if she had learned her lesson — apparently she had not.

Last year, she tried to break into a very masculine 250-year-old French bastion, and the masters at the Ecole de Beaux-Arts told her she was not welcome. The field of architecture was no place for a woman, they politely informed her. She ignored them all.

In recent months, millions of protesters rushed to the streets to demand a change in America’s unjust treatment of its Black citizens -- and many young people have rushed to their phones. As high school students, my peers and I recognize the power of social media in spreading awareness about systemic racism, encouraging others to sign petitions, and reminding those legally eligible to vote. We understand that racism permeates the American government and its citizenry at the local, state, and federal levels, and recognize the need for systemic change to enable racial equality.

As the owner and master stylist of Hair Tech Salon on Webster street, I, Katie Andersen, am looking forward to and preparing for, the future of our beloved beauty industry. Through these difficult past months, I have been educating myself and my colleagues on just how to move forward into a new way of how we run our businesses. We, as licensed cosmetologists and barbers are trained in cleanliness and sterilization. I went online and got the BARBICIDE COVID-19 Certification.

With USS Hornet serving as a venerable backdrop, Mike’s Auto Body presented Petty Officer Second Class Eladia Minton with a brand-new car last week. A mother of three, Minton is stationed at Coast Guard Island. She has been unable to afford a car payment and has been getting around with a bicycle with a trailer attached. She has been struggling to afford reliable and affordable transportation because she currently does not have the financial means to manage a car payment.