Take a chance and fall in love! The Alameda Free Library’s ever-popular “Blind Date with a Book” is back! Visit the the Main Library to pick up your mystery book (and some chocolate). 

Also, just for teens: Enjoy chocolate while working on homework, studying or doing other projects during open study hall at the library. The next Chocolate Study Hall takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 26, in the library’s Teen Department at 1550 Oak St.

To view more events at the library, visit the all-new www.alamedafree.org


It has been painful to listen to people who should know better opine about the causes of the terrible fires and loss of life in Paradise, Calif. Too many trees. Too much brush and litter. Too much or not enough logging. Unique weather event. I listened to similar stories after the Oakland hills fire of 1991, Malibu in 1993 and Santa Rosa in 2017, where a high school friend lost her home.


Morton Chalfy
The best guesstimate for the appearance of an infant with full-blown homo sapiens syndrome is between 150 and 200 thousand years ago. Not really that long in geological terms but beyond anyone’s memory. How long it took to go from one to a family and from a family to a tribe is unknown but it took a while and a fair amount of luck I think.

My sainted sister and I recently endured a lengthy and cruel no-cause eviction from our beloved Grand Street Station-area apartment. Suddenly homeless, we were forced to sift through all we’d accumulated during a perfect 11-year tenancy. Most of our possessions wound up in garbage bags, including clothes, hundreds of books and my CD collection. 

Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow on Groundhog Day which hopefully means spring will be on its way in the next six weeks!

I am so thrilled to be celebrating both Lunar New Year and Black History Month. The West Alameda Business Association (WABA) loves working to support the diversity of business, thinking and culture that makes Alameda such a wonderful place to live.