Three Poems by Steve Soto

Nov 30,2023

Another year gone another year past,
what did we learn that we hope would last.

Thoughts of new promises, goals and new plans.
hopes we improve every woman and man.

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‘Never Again’ ... a Platitude

Nov 23,2023

William McGurn of the Wall Street Journal (Obama’s Lesson for Rashida Tlaib, WSJ 11/14/23) wrote: “To look at the atrocities of October 7 and conclude that Israel has the right to ensure

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Traffic Dusts the Sunset

Nov 22,2023

And shadows run riot
As San Francisco rolls
On her side
And spills the sky
Into the bay like blue dye

The fog
Settles on the skyline
Like a fat lazy cat
On a weathered window sill

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