Transitioning Alameda to Clean Transportation

Sep 29,2022

This year, as we head into Public Power Week, a nationwide celebration of the benefits of public power, I want to take a moment to highlight Alameda Municipal Power’s commitment to not only providing clean, reliable, low-cost energy to all Alamedans, but also to emphasize our commitment to addres

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John Platt -- Rudy the Dog


Sep 24,2022

I have put up with a lot from the Old Man, but this time he really did it and the Old Lady is in on it too. We’re moving! The Old People are selling my house and backyard.

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This Year’s Focus Areas

Sep 23,2022

Superintendent Scuderi details programmatic and operational areas of focus for 2022-23.

AUSD Community:
Appreciations all around for the start of the school year and for our many staff members and students who worked through the intense temperatures of last week’s heat wave.

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Determining Sexual Orientation

Sep 18,2022

Young people are learning much more terminology than I learned growing up. They get information from sex education in school, social media, parents, friends, books and the internet.

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