EBMUD Steps In

Laterals are pipes that connect a building’s plumbing to a sanitary sewer line. All too often these laterals crack or develop leaks.

Cracked laterals allow rainwater and groundwater to infiltrate the sewer system. Excess water in the system can overwhelm wastewater treatment facilities. This causes untreated or partially treated sewage to be released into San Francisco Bay.

Property owners, not the city, are responsible for maintaining these laterals. Beginning today the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) will be making certain that property owners do just that.

A new ordinance requires that anyone buying or selling a property; building or remodeling at a cost in excess of $100,000, or changing the size of a water meter obtain a compliance certificate from EBMUD. Before issuing that certificate, an EBMUD inspector will check the property’s sewer lateral to make certain that the pipe does not leak.

Property owners can learn more about this new program by logging onto www.eastbaypsl.com/eastbaypsl/about.html or by calling 866-403-2683