Downtown Association Thanks Community and Member Businesses

File photo &nbsp&nbsp A train approaches Chestnut Station. Next stop on the line would be Park Street South.

Downtown Association Thanks Community and Member Businesses

On behalf of our board of directors, I am pleased to report that, thanks to the work of our members and community supporters, the Downtown Alameda Business Association is financially sound and poised for solid improvement and growth.

We continue to see significant increases, not only in our financial position, but also in our merchant participation. Our membership is engaged in every aspect of our association and its goals. They participate in our popular events and activities, join our committees, work as block captains and collaborate on important projects.

Productive partnerships have generated successful new events, supported city-wide initiatives and further deepened relationships with community partners. Through creative teamwork, we have successfully completed many district improvements including removal of unsightly newspaper racks and development of a new bike rack installation plan. We’ve also created a Clean Sidewalk Grant Program, advocated for new development such as Park Esquina and the new hotel on Park Street, campaigned for Landscape & Lighting improvements and championed the newest addition to the Park Street Business Improvement Area (more about that to be announced later).

Our events are increasing in popularity and diversity as we reimagine downtown activities, adding a local area to the street festivals as well as creating new events that bring a vast array of visitors not only to our district, but to the Island as a whole.

Moving ahead, we plan to be in the forefront of projects such as safe walking and biking improvements, waterfront access to downtown, more public spaces and completion of the Carnegie Innovation Hall. We are also excited to work on a plan to advance action in the Gateway North of Lincoln District and build a welcome arch for the district. Additionally, we will continue to find innovative ways to invite visitors to engage with the district through marketing, social media and perhaps even developing our own app.

Thanks to our community, volunteers, city staff, and all who support our downtown activities. We especially thank our 470 member businesses for making our downtown district a welcoming and exciting place to shop, eat, live, work and grow.

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