Don’t Risk Leaving Dogs in a Car

With increased publicity on the issue, it is fairly common knowledge that cars are not always the safest places for pets. Precautions need to be taken when bringing a dog along, especially if he or she will be left unattended in the car for any period of time.

The California Penal Code states that you may not leave an animal unattended in the car if the weather is too hot or too cold, there’s inadequate ventilation, food and/or water, or any other circumstance reasonably expected to cause an animal suffering, disability or death.

In mid-July, Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) received a letter from a woman named Ellen who adopted a dog from FAAS several years back. She wanted to share her story and make others aware of what happened to her and her dog Petey. While Ellen’s story is not an every-day occurrence in Alameda, it is nonetheless a cautionary tale.

Ellen lives in Concord and Petey often joins her on trips to Alameda as he prefers waiting in the car to being left at home alone. Despite many safe journeys with Ellen, Petey encountered a situation that neither he nor his owner anticipated.

It was during Ellen’s 30-minute haircut appointment that someone tossed a poisoned treat into her car through the crack in the window that was left open for ventilation. Petey ate the treat and soon thereafter became extremely ill and uncharacteristically aggressive. Thankfully, Ellen responded quickly enough to save Petey’s life.

While car rides with your dog are sometimes necessary, they are more often than not just plain fun. FAAS understands the joy animals bring to our everyday lives, which often includes having them a part of our everyday routine. This summer, be mindful when taking a dog along in the car.

Pet photo contest underway

The annual cutest-pet photo contest is underway. In keeping with tradition, FAAS hosts this event to help create its 2016 pet calendar. Submit your pet photos and challenge your friends to vote. Pets with the most votes will be featured in the calendar. The grand-prize winner will grace the cover. There are many ways to get involved, so visit the FAAS website to learn the details at www.

After the Ball

Tickets are now on sale for FAAS’ upcoming, one-of-a-kind, "After the Ball," voted Alameda’s best charitable event in 2014. All proceeds from this Oct. 2 event support the animals at the shelter. Visit at for more information.

Wish List

With kitten season in full swing, FAAS needs to stock up on kitten food, specifically Royal Canin, Mother and Baby Cat Food. While shopping on Amazon there are a number of ways to can make a difference.

To start, visit: Type in "Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter" and it will take you to the recently updated wish list for FAAS.

Nancy Baglietto is the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter executive director.