Dignity Village Grand Opening Set for May 3

Courtesy Swinerton -- The Dignity Village supportive housing development will be ready for residents to move in after more than a year of planning and construction.
Courtesy Swinerton -- The Dignity Village supportive housing development will be ready for residents to move in after more than a year of planning and construction.

Dignity Village Grand Opening Set for May 3

Dignity Village, the 47-unit interim supportive housing program, will host a Grand Opening event on Wednesday, May 3, at 10 am at the site, located at 2350 5th St. DignityMoves will be the project developer, the project developer, will begin moving people into the housing development sometime in April.

The plan to build a development for unhoused residents began more than a year ago. The Dignity Village concept were introduced at the Nov.16, 2021 City Council meeting, according to Alameda Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft. The City of Alameda reported on Feb. 10, 2022, it had applied for a Project Homekey Round 2 grant to receive funding to build an interim housing development for the city’s unhoused community (“https://alamedasun.com/news/city-submits-grant-application-build-develop...,” Feb. 15, 2022).

In August 2021, when there was inclination a second round of Project Homekey would be offered, the city sent out a request for proposal to local entities seeking a developer, property manager and service provider for the development. After receiving several responses, the city opted to hire DignityMoves and Five Keys Schools and Programs as partners in the project. DignityMoves is the project developer and Five Keys handles operational services.

The city requested $12.4 million, according to reports, and received $12.3 million (“https://alamedasun.com/news/city-awarded-123-million-build-dignity-village,” March 11, 2022). “I’m thrilled that the State of California has recognized the significance of this project,” said Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft in a statement on the city’s website at the time the grant was announced. “As the city works to end homelessness in Alameda, Dignity Village will provide life-changing, and lifesaving, opportunities for its residents.”

Additional funds were received in October of last year.

Construction on the development began on Oct. 24, 2022. DignityMoves and Five Keys hosted city and county officials for the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Dignity Village development on Oct. 25 (“https://alamedasun.com/news/groundbreaking-event-held-dignity-village,” Nov. 3, 2022). Construction on the complex took about seven months to complete.

The 47-unit interim supportive housing development will also provide mental and educational support services to its residents. The plan calls for 38 units to be allocated for chronically unhoused people, four units for general or recently unhoused people and five units for transitional age youth who are unhoused or at risk of being unhoused). Eight units will be adapted for individuals with mobility, hearing or vision disabilities.

The scale of number of units available at the Dignity Village location is unprecedented for the city. The project’s capacity will make a significant impact on Alameda’s ability to serve its unhoused individuals.

Dignity Village is funded by a California Department of Housing and Community Development Homekey 2 grant, a matching grant from the County of Alameda, City of Alameda General Funds, and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Dignity Village will house up to 61 individuals and residents. Residents are referred to the program through the Coordinated Entry System.

Supportive staffing on site will also include assistance with housing navigation, links to educational and vocational resources, and janitorial services. Throughout the development of the project, the city, Five Keys, and DignityMoves, hosted regular community meetings to introduce and answer questions about the project.

DignityMoves specializes in interim supportive housing developments. They have built similar projects in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. Five Keys specializes in operational services including education, employment, recovery, family and community support.

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