Developer Plans Condominium-Infill Project near Broadway and Santa Clara

This condominium project may occupy the current site of tennis courts and a basketball court near Broadway and Santa Clara Avenue.

Developer Plans Condominium-Infill Project near Broadway and Santa Clara

On Monday, Nov. 23, Branagh Land Inc. appeared before the Planning Board to present its latest development plan, density bonus, and tentative map applications for the property currently occupied by tennis courts and a basketball court on property tucked behind homes near the northeast intersection of Santa Clara Avenue and Broadway.

The property is currently occupied by 11 residential buildings — five single-family dwellings, three duplexes, one triplex building and fourplexes. Branagh hopes to build its condominiums where the tennis courts and a basketball court now stand. These plans will retain the existing all existing residential buildings on the property

Branagh is asking the city to approve plans to:
1. Allow construction of nine in-fill townhome dwellings on the 1.29-acre property
2. Subdivide that property into 12 lots.

In April, the Planning Board held a public hearing to review Branagh Land Inc.’s plans to create a parcel for each existing building and four new parcels for four new detached single-family homes on the area currently occupied by the tennis courts and basketball courts.

At that time, the Planning Board suggested that Branagh reconsider its plan to construct four, detached single-family homes on the property and build two townhome condominiums and a shared parking garage instead.

In October, Branagh submitted its revised design, which subdivides the property to place each existing building on a separate parcel and construct the townhomes and parking garage as the Planning Board recommended. Andrew Thomas and his staff are recommending approval of the submitted applications.

The two townhome buildings will provide nine units instead of four. So that the development will best fit into the proposed lot lines for the existing buildings are drawn to reflect the existing conditions for the existing buildings and the typical lot sizes and configurations in the immediate surrounding neighborhood.

According to the staff reports, the two townhome buildings comply with the 40-foot height limit, and revised plan reduces the amount of pavement at the center of the site, increases and improves the usability of the proposed open space, and improves pedestrian connectivity within the site.

A homeowners association will govern the new townhomes. The existing residential buildings on the property will not be part of the homeowners association. Branagh proposes to provide two deed-restricted units within existing buildings on the site for very low-income households.

Property owners and residents within 300 feet of the project’s boundaries were notified of the public hearing and given the opportunity to review and comment on the proposal. Any written comments received will be distributed to the Planning Board.

Staff also points out that the project is consistent with the City’s Climate Action and Resiliency Plan housing policies. The plan encourages higher-density housing in order to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The report point out that the proposed project provides important infill housing in an urban area. The project also lies in proximity to transit, jobs and services. This can reduce greenhouse gas pollution.