Delicious Way to Help Italy’s Quake Victims

Delicious Way to Help Italy’s Quake Victims


The area around Amatrice in central Italy has been recently struck by a devastating earthquake. Even though this area is not very distant from Rome, it is very remote and not easily accessible. As a result it has been able to develop a unique and incredible gastronomy.

Many of the products and recipes from the region have been adopted by chefs all over the world, like the famous pasta all’amatriciana. The nearby town of Norcia was where the art of charcuterie was developed into an art imitated all over the world. Now these communities that have given the world so much need help.

Monday, Sept. 19, Alameda’s C’era Una Volta invites the public to enjoy an amatriciana and help the town of Amatrice. All the proceeds from this special dinner service will be given directly to the municipality.

Baia Pasta will provide the pasta, Belcampo Meat Co., the guanciale, Bianco DiNapoli, the tomato sauce, Fresca Italia Inc., the pecorino, and the Vinity Wine Company will provide the wine. 

A donation of $20 or more is requested and includes salad with pasta. 
This event is expected to sell out quickly. RSVP at C’era Una Volta, 1332 Park St., or by calling 769-4828. Visit for more information. 

For those wishing to donate who cannot attend the event, checks may be sent to BAIA Pasta, 431 Water St., Oakland, CA 94607.