From Deep in the Trenches

I cannot thank our friend Gaby Dolphin enough for her passionate words on the Alameda Sun’s behalf. As we reflect on the unique gem that is this newspaper, I thought I’d share a bit of newspaper history.

At the time of the Sun’s founding in 2001, myself, Dennis Evanosky and everyone else in the industry had already seen it happen. The small, hometown newspapers consolidated into larger and larger regional papers. Beloved news properties like the Sun who knew their towns were gobbled up and not replaced by media conglomerates forever in the pursuit of bigger bottom lines — many, many people lost their jobs.

In the pursuit of bigger bottom lines what got lost? Service to the people. Service to community. Actual information people can use. Objectivity — because if you serve only the largest dollar you underserve everyone else. 

The Alameda Sun was founded by those in the trenches. Consolidated worker-bees, passionate journalists and rebellious graphic designers (myself) decided Alameda would support a local paper and took the approach that no one would drive a BMW and get that corner office.

The best thing anyone can do for us right now is advertise. Let us work for it. Please give it a chance. Newspaper advertising is the most affordable method of formal advertising available. You might just get something you don’t already have. 

And thank you to our new subscriber, Bruce Elerick, who mailed in his support of our free local rag. We never require anyone to subscribe, but it sure helps if you do.