Council Wants APD to Secure Fixed Readers

Council Wants APD to Secure Fixed Readers

At its Tuesday, Feb 6, meeting the City Council will consider allocating money to acquire 13 fixed-location, automated license-plate-recognition systems.

In 2014, the city equipped four marked Alameda Police Department (APD) patrol vehicles with three-camera automated license-plate recognition systems (ALPR). These vehicles and cameras are still in operation. According to the City Council report, these systems have played important roles in identifying stolen vehicles, wanted subjects and people at risk. They have also aided in providing invaluable leads in solving violent and felonious crimes.  

The city now wants to expand this system to incorporate fixed ALPR equipment at the entry and exit points to the city. The city would install these systems — each with two cameras — at locations that include the tubes, the bridges and locations on Bay Farm Island. 

The total estimate for these systems amounts to $500,000, paid for with APD’s salary savings. The current equipment estimate stands at $319,632.72. The remaining cost would cover the costs to mount and power the equipment. 

“It is believed the system will bring about reduced crime, increase the number of crimes solved and provide side benefits in being able to locate missing or wanted vehicles or persons,” stated APD Chief Paul Rolleri.