Council Race: Spencer, White in Virtual Tie

Council Race: Spencer, White in Virtual Tie

Vella clinches Vice-Mayor seat; Measure Z a loser

Trish Spencer has moved into second place by 44 votes ahead of Amos White for the second open City Council seat.

Spencer now has 13,019 total votes (20 percent), while White currently has 12,975 votes (19.93 percent), as of Monday, Nov. 9, when the Alameda County official election website released its latest update before press time. Alamedans were asked to vote for no more than two candidates for City Council. The top two vote getters will receive a seat on the Council.

Malia Vella looks poised to regain her spot as the City of Alameda Vice-Mayor. She leads all candidates with 14,777 votes (22.7 percent). Jim Oddie graciously conceded in his bid for a Council seat. He is in fourth place with 12,158 votes (18.68 percent). Oddie joined the Council in 2015.

Gig Codiga is in fifth place with 11,949 votes (18.36 percent).

Megan Sweet has moved ahead of Beth Aney for the third Alameda Unified School District Governing Boardmember spot by 57 votes. Sweet has 12,079 votes (14.28 percent), while Aney currently has 12,022 votes (14.21 percent).

Jennifer Williams (18,584 votes) and Heather Little (17,648 votes) have the first and second most votes in the election, respectively. Their spots on the board are all but solidified. Alameda voters were asked to vote for no more than three candidates and the top three vote getters will be elected to the board.

Verna Castro is in fifth place with 11,795 votes (13.94 percent). John Casselberry is sixth with 6,910 (8.17 percent), while Leland Traiman is in seventh place with 5,343 votes (6.32 percent).

Measure Z is expected to fail in the election as 22,845 people voted against the measure, while 15,379 voted “yes.” The measure would repeal Article 26 of the Alameda City Charter and allow developers to build multi-family housing units.