Council to Discuss Lawsuits, Keimach in Closed Session


The City Council has planned a closed session meeting for next Monday, April 16, at 5 p.m.  According to the agenda that the city released on Monday, April 9, the meeting will feature a conference with legal counsel because in the City Council’s opinion, a decision has been reached, based on existing facts and circumstances, where there is a significant exposure to three cases of litigation against the city. 

This concern relates to allegations made in City Manager Jill Keimach’s Oct. 2, 2017, letter to the City Council, the agenda states. In that letter Keimach expressed her concern about City Council interference with her hiring of Fire Chief Edmond Rodriguez. Keimach called the pressure from City Council “intense and unrelenting.” 

She also made the disturbing allegation that Councilmembers informed her that the selection of Domenick Weaver, Alameda firefighter’s choice for chief “would avoid an incident similar to the one involving Raymond Zack. This thinly veiled threat insults the very notion of good government,” she told the City Council in her letter.  

Zack drowned in San Francisco Bay, as members of both the Alameda fire and police departments remained ashore and looked on. 

The second item on the closed-session agenda calls for a public employee dismissal or release. Keimach is the employee mentioned in the agenda item. 

The agenda for the City Council meeting on the evening following the closed-door session contains a recommendation to approve in open session the appointment of Liz Warmerdam as Acting City Manager and approve her pay at $257,403 annually.