Council Closes 2016 with Three Referrals


The Alameda City Council will convene its last Council meeting of 2016 on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at City Hall in the Council Chambers.

Three council referrals are on the agenda. Council referrals refer to matters placed on the agenda by a councilmember, which may be acted upon or scheduled as a future agenda item.

Mayor Trish Spencer placed two of the three referrals on the agenda. Her first discusses the possible submission of a complaint to the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) regarding campaign mailers. Spencer describes her criticism of two negative campaign mailers directed at soon-to-be-former Councilman Tony Daysog. In the mailers, Daysog is compared to Donald Trump and the other shows an image of Daysog with the caption “Pay 2 Play” in bold yellow type. However, Spencer’s qualms aren’t with the negativity of the mailer, but the mailer’s failure to include any information identifying the sender and that it used non-traceable postage stamps.

This violates FPPC’s Political Reform Act regarding slate mailer identification and disclaimer requirements. 

The requirement states “No slate mailer organization or committee formed to support or oppose one or more ballot measures shall send a slate mailer unless: the name, street address and city of the slate mailer organization of committee primarily formed to support or oppose one or more ballot measures are shown on the outside of each piece of slate mail and on at least one of the inserts included with each piece of slate mail...”

There is no name, street address or city on the mailer ads. 

Spencer’s second referral requests staff provide an update on the ongoing negotiations between the city and Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) as soon as possible. 
FAAS began its quest to renegotiate its current contract with the city by submitting a proposal at the Oct. 4 City Council meeting (“FAAS Contract in Discussion” Sept. 20). FAAS said the only alternative if it does not get more funding is to revert to a facility that operates more like a dog pound. This option would end the animal shelter’s many services to stray animals, such as vaccinations, flea treatment and medical or behavioral rehabilitation.

The third council referral was brought on by Daysog. The Councilmember wants the City Clerk and City Attorney to work together to formulate a local campaign finance reform ordinance. 

The ordinance would focus on fully covering the direct and indirect City Clerk administrative electoral costs of City Council, mayoral, City Treasurer and City Auditor candidates. Under this ordinance, candidates would be responsible with paying costs including the $100 candidate registration filing fee, as well as the election ballot\voter guide printing cost the City Clerk’s office administers on behalf of the Alameda County Voter Registrar’s Office.

If the number of candidates for any of the positions is more than the allotted for each position (eight City Council, four mayoral, four City Treasurer and four City Auditor) the candidates have to split the City Clerk’s increased administrative costs. 

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