Council Approves Land Transfer Near Del Monte Site

City of Alameda -- The city transferred a .11-acre parcel to Alta Buena Vista LLC. The parcel will act as an entrance way into the Alta Star Harbor housing development.
City of Alameda -- The city transferred a .11-acre parcel to Alta Buena Vista LLC. The parcel will act as an entrance way into the Alta Star Harbor housing development.

Council Approves Land Transfer Near Del Monte Site

The Alameda City Council approved an ordinance granting a parcel swap between the city and Alta Buena Vista Owner, LLC., the developer of the Del Monte Warehouse Project. Alta Buena Vista Owner, LLC. is a subsidiary of Wood Partners.

At its Sept. 5 meeting, the council voted unanimously to approve the first reading of the ordinance. The ordinance then moved to a second reading during the consent calendar section of the Sept. 19 City Council meeting. The approval of the consent calendar signaled the finalization of the ordinance.

The parcel swap is a part of the development agreement for the project, which was finalized on Jan. 15, 2015, between the city and Alta Buena Vista. Per the agreement, “the developer shall transfer the fee title of the ‘Clement Extension’ right-of-way to the City of Alameda at no cost.” Also, per the agreement, “the City Council shall consider the transfer of the ‘City Parcel’ to the developer within 15 days of the date the city accepts the transfer of the ‘Clement Extension’ property.”

The “Clement Extension” right-of-way on Clement and Atlantic avenues between Entrance Road and Sherman Street is made up of three parts. The western edge connecting Clement and Atlantic Avenue is controlled by TL Partners I, LP. Most of the northern edge of Clement Avenue between Entrance Road and the Encinal Basin belongs to North Waterfront Cove, LLC. Alta Buena Vista controls most of the southern edge of Clement Avenue and Entrance Road between Clement and Buena Vista avenues, which is labeled Tract 8254.

The city parcel is a .11-acre property that serves as a driveway entrance into the Del Monte development at the intersection of Buena Vista and Eagle avenues. The parcel was originally part of a larger city-owned parcel, which was given to the Housing Authority to build the Littlejohn Commons facility, according to Sarah Lee, the Supervising Civil Engineer for the Alameda Public Works Department who gave a presentation during the council meeting. The Housing Authority no longer needed the property so earlier this year, the Housing Authority deeded it back to the city.

On Oct. 18, 2016, the council adopted Resolution 15205 approving the Final Map for Tract 8254 and accepted the offers of dedications and easements as public right-of-way, subject to a Subdivision Improvement Agreement. The project included roadway, storm and sewer infrastructure improvements; installations of sidewalks, a Class-4 separated bike lane, street lighting; and landscaping. On Nov. 15, 2022, the council partially accepted the improvements associated with the extension of Clement Avenue, except the traffic signal improvements — the council accepted the final improvements at the Sept. 5 meeting.

On April 11, 2019, TL Partners I, LP, North Waterfront Cove LLC, granted irrevocable offers of dedication to the city for their portions of the Clement Extension. On July 12, the Alta Buena Vista requested the enact the parcel transfer. All three offers of dedication remained open until the city council accepted them.

The Clement Extension opened to the public in June 2022. The project includes two-way protected bike lanes that are a part of the Cross Alameda Trail (CAT). The protected bike lanes on the north side of Clement Avenue will connect the existing CAT segments from Entrance Road to Jean Sweeney Park.

The extension sits behind the Del Monte development site, Alta Star Harbor, a 372-unit luxury mixed-use project. Alta Star Harbor is located at 1501 Buena Vista Ave.

City of Alameda -- The land transfer allows the city to complete the right-of-way on the Clement Avenue extension.