Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates

While Alameda remains sheltered in place for another month, a resident wrote in concerned for everyone’s safety. 

“I was shocked to see so many people at Alameda’s beaches on Saturday and Sunday,” wrote Diana Cabcabin. “There were more people than usual wandering around the South Shore and Nob Hill shopping centers, which attract many people from out of Alameda. Many people didn’t have face masks!”

Cabcabin has a legitimate concern. Gov. Gavin Newsom shut Orange County beaches completely in response to the large gatherings of people there on recent weekends. Let’s be careful to not let that happen here. I, for one, enjoy walking to Alameda Beach.

Some Restrictions Eased
The Health Officer of Alameda County has extended the order through Sunday, May 31, with some easing of the restrictions. Essential and minimum business operations, as defined in the order, may continue. Non-essential business such as restaurants, bars and gyms and non-essential activities involving public or private gatherings are still prohibited. Non-essential travel is still prohibited. 

The updated order outlines provisions for business and activities that may resume as long as physical distancing and industry-specific requirements are followed. All businesses operating in the county must update or create a Social Distancing Protocol to reflect the new requirements.

Everyone should continue to stay and work from home as much as possible; and wear a face covering when outside their homes when unable to social distance from others. 

Note that where differences between the local Health Officer’s Order and the State’s Order exist, the more restrictive order prevails. Find more information at

Slow Streets in effect
Alameda is joining cities across the Bay Area and country by implementing Slow Streets Alameda — a temporary closure of select streets to provide more space for physical distancing and physical activity for the duration of the shelter-in-place order. Street changes have been implemented through a temporary pilot program that started April 30. The closures affect low-volume street segments to minimize traffic disruption, totaling 1.2 miles in length.
• Pacific Avenue from Grand Street to Oak Street
• Versailles Avenue from Central Avenue to Fernside Boulevard

See www.slowstreetsalameda .org for more information.

Electric rates won’t go up
At its meeting on April 27, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) unanimously decided not to increase electric rates for all Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) customers. The board voted to maintain the existing rates for the upcoming fiscal year beginning July 1.

Due to the utility’s strong financial outlook, PUB decided not to raise electric rates during a time when AMP customers are experiencing the economic impacts of COVID-19. AMP had earlier expected to propose a rate increase of up to 2 percent. Increased costs for the utility will be paid out of AMP’s existing reserves. 

Customers who are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 are urged to contact AMP’s customer service team at (510) 748-3900 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Visit to learn about AMP’s financial-assistance programs.

Print shop offers free fun
Joe Dalipe at Island Print Express is again doing what he always does — supporting Alamedans with timely and thoughtful giveaways. 

The shop has coloring sheets for kids, posters for people’s windows if they don’t have teddy bears and posters for business owners — all free. (See photo below.)

The items are digital files formatted to print on a home printer. Links are available on the Island Print Express mailing list. Sign up by writing to

Poetic submissions
The Alameda Sun received these two poems from Alameda Poet Laureate Cathy Dana.

Cosmic Distance
Social distance?
That’s no obstacle to love.
Think of cosmic distance…
Even in dark of night — without question — sun shines on moon.
Even in dark of night — without question — moon shines on Earth.
Light given freely.
Social distance?
That’s no obstacle to love.
Who are you shining your light on?

Going the Distance
Isn’t the sun 93 million miles
(8 light-minutes) away, yet 
still it warms the Earth
and makes life possible?

Isn’t Alpha Centauri, our next closest star,
8 light-years away, yet
still we see its light?

Aren’t there stars millions of light-years away, yet
still we see them shine?

6 feet, my dears, is nothing.

P.S. A light-year is 5 trillion, 879 billion miles. 5,879,000,000,000 miles.

What is up with the Sun?
Well sunlight may travel 5 trillion miles, but the Alameda Sun has been changing how it gets around the few square miles of Alameda. Subscribers and advertisers will now be receiving their editions in the mail via the U.S. Postal Service.  

Papers may arrive in the mail as late as Saturday. Please be patient as we continue to streamline our delivery model.

Free copies are still available in locations around town. 

The Sun has finances to continue publication through summer, but its future beyond that is in no way guaranteed.


Top to bottom: Lisa and Robert Ferguson’s heart sculpture on the south shore; sleepy Port of Oakland by Eric J. Kos; Island Print Express offers free print resources for the community; Slow Streets by Maurice Ramirez