Consider Alternatives Before Surrendering Pets

Courtesy photo Andie the dog is looking for a new forever home and is available for adoption now from Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter.

Few situations are more traumatic and stressful for pets than being given up by their families, whatever the reason. While FAAS is always willing and able to properly shelter and care for animals needing new homes, bringing your pet to us as a first step is not always the best solution.

If you feel you need to re-home your pet, please consider the choice carefully and follow a few guidelines to ensure the best outcome:

If your dog has a behavior problem, make sure that s/he is spayed or neutered. It is a simple procedure that can alter some negative behaviors. FAAS can help provide a list of low-cost spay/neuter operations throughout the East Bay.

An animal trainer or veterinarian may also help you address behavior problems. If your pet behaves aggressively, bringing him to the shelter is not going to fix the problem — it will just transfer the problem to someone else.

If the reason for surrendering your pet is something other than behavior challenges, put out the word to family and friends using social media and other means. Don’t forget to reach out to rescue groups who might be able to help and offer advice.

Screen potential families to identify the most suitable environment and ensure a smooth and loving transition. By being honest about your pet and asking a few questions of others, you’ll be sure that your dog and his new family are a good long-term match.

When you locate a new owner, ask him/her what veterinarian s/he has used in the past for any other pets, and call the veterinarian. Ask if the family has consistently provided required health care (vaccinations, heartworm preventative, spay/neuter, etc).

While you might not think of this at first, remember to charge a fee (and if you’d prefer, donate it to a rescue/shelter). This helps ensure that the potential adopter is not someone who collects free dogs and sells them to researchers. It is also a good way to assess if the person/family is willing to pay for necessary medical expenses, food, etc.

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Nancy Baglietto is the executive director for FAAS.