Coalition Takes a Stand for Wildlife

Joe Woodard Members of a coalition that seeks to protect the jackrabbits and other wildlife at Shoreline Park near the Harbor Bay Ferry terminal take a stand. They include youngsters who have designed posters to support their cause.

Members of the community have formed a coalition to protect local wildlife. According to its members Harbor Bay Business Park, has been rich with many species of wild birds  and a colony of jack rabbits as far back as anyone remembers. The coalition says that increasing development in the area has forced the jack rabbits to occupy smaller and smaller parcels of land to nest and breed in. 

The coalition is asking the developer not to till, mow or in any way disturb the remaining undeveloped portion of the this land at least until July 2016 when nesting and breeding season is over. 

The law firm of Sack Rosendin Sack, LLP, has written a letter to the city about the matter. Read the letter on page 6.